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Deipnon Purification Ritual (Dec. 29, 2016)

42 minutes of me praying silently for purification from Apollon, on behalf of myself and a few other individuals, while at the shrine. One candle is lit for each person. About halfway through I light some bay leaves in a rather spectacular fire.

Hail Paian! Hail Pythios! Hail Phoibos!


First Treasury Shrine of Apollon!

Hello, dear readers!  I have finally reached a level of completion on my secret project that allows me to share it with you all!  For what feels like forever, I have wanted and worked toward opening a shrine for Apollon that would be accessible to my community.  Well, I have at last been blessed enough to be able to see that dream become reality!

The First Treasury Shrine of Apollon website is up and running!  It’s kind of bare-bones at the moment, because I just really could not wait any longer to share it with you.  As of now, my Shrine Keeping Services page is up, along with some others, including the Virtual Guestbook, for visitors to leave written offerings to Apollon that I will read aloud before His Shrine.

In a few months, the shrine will be complete enough for me to open to the local public in Corpus Christi, Texas, for veneration, which is the most exciting part for me, as Shrine Keeper.  Facilitating others’ worship of Apollon is all I have ever wanted to do, and now I am able. I have been truly blessed beyond measure, and am so excited to bring my Lord’s shrine into fruition.

Thank you all for your support and encouragement!

Hail Phoibos!

The Land of Two Rivers, and Beyond

Blood and rain.  Fish and rivers, and the sea.  Bobcats and javelinas.   Nereids and hamadryads.  Mesquite wood and fire ants.  Feral cats and grackles.  Sunshine and sea winds.  Peaches and figs, and cicadas. Dead soldiers and Spanish missions.  Sand dollars and jellyfish.  Live oaks and palm trees.  Foxes and road runners, and rattlesnakes.

These are the jewels of my path, local to South Texas.  This is my home, and these are my allies.

My path is a local one, where I concentrate on the needs of the lives lived around me.  When I offer to the sea, it is on behalf of the humans here who know not the price for the bounty they take.  It is to give thanks, and to celebrate the creatures and spirits who dwell here, those who make it possible for us to make a living here.

When I raise my arms to the Theoi it is in acknowledgment of the great tapestry They have woven around me; to celebrate Them and to honor Them, and to remind myself of all They hold dear.  This place is alive.  I am alive.  And we are paired to live our lives together.

When I pour wine and blood onto the Earth, it is so the grain and corn will thrive.  When I go to pick cotton out of its rugged husk, it is to feel what my ancestors felt, and to leave bits of myself in the field so they are not alone, and not forgotten.  When I pick flowers for offerings, it is to remind myself of the beautiful things which were plucked, in their ripeness and in their prime, all for the sake of a world gone by.

Those times that I stood upon the widow’s walk of the white mansion, it was to tell the spirits of my people, “I see you.  I remember you.  The masters are gone, and I am here.”

And when I give milk, now even the milk of my own body, it is to assure the Land that I will nourish it, as it nourishes me and mine.  Because I am the Land.  I am the Rivers.  I am the Sea and the Wind.

When I leave seed for the grackles, I know they are my brothers.  When I leave meat for the night creatures, I know they are my sisters.  When I fill the hummingbird feeders, and see the shrimp plants bloom, I know that my family is welcomed.  We are the spirits of the Land, and we rely on one another.

When I wade in the salt water, I know that I am purified.  And when I call to the Gods, I know that They are listening.  Poseidon.  Amphitrite.  Apollon.  Ares.  Zeus.  And Others still.  They hear me.  They know me.  They favor me and mine.

And when I take my children to greet Them upon the sparkling sea water, I feel Their many blessings, and Their encouragement, as surely as I feel the wind blow.  As long as we do our part to honor the Gods, the spirits, the Land, the Rivers, the Sea and the Wind, They will do Their part to keep us safe and fed.  Together, we are the reciprocal bond.  We are kharis.  We are life.  We are this world.

We are the Land of Two Rivers, and beyond.

Prayer to Hermes, for Secret Plots


Hermes, Dear Hermes, I call to You.  You have known me for many years, and I have offered You love, wine, and much in-between.  You know the depth of my devotion, and the lengths to which I have gone to secure the favor of the Deathless Gods.  Hear me now, if it pleases You, and be a mover of obstacles in my path.

Hermes, Who aids in sly endeavors, I seek Your divine assistance.  If this venture pleases You, Swift One, I ask that You direct my action to its best outcome.

Hermes, God pulling the strings of human communication, please allow all my efforts and all my words to sway those who would otherwise obstruct me.

Hermes of the Ways, God of all the roads, please clear this path for me as I work to bring reverence to You, and to the other Deathless Gods.

Hermes, who is skilled in many clandestine arts, please grant me the abilities needed to weave this plan into existence.

Hermes, Magnificent Son of Zeus and Maia, please place Your divine hand over me, and shield me from the sight of the uninspired.

To You, Hermes, do I give this offering, a symbol of my passion and my commitment.  If it pleases You, do allow my plans to flower, to seed, and to be planted in many fertile gardens.

Blessed Hermes, Who is known throughout the world, Whose name inspires the never-ending search for knowledge and truth, He Who does not reject those who are sincere– please hear me this day, and please work with me to expand the reach of High Olympos, that all who seek the Deathless Ones will find a place just for them.

Hail Hermes!  Hail the God of Travelers!  And may I, and others, always honor the sacred journey!


And So It Continues…

So, life goes on. If you had asked me what I thought about that just a couple months ago, I would have said something decidedly less inspirational, even though ‘life goes on’ leaves a lot to be desired on the inspiration front. It is, however, remarkably true.

I’ve been in the new/old place for about four weeks, as of this writing. The transition into roaring city life from that of the country has not been completely smooth or painless. Most of it I expected to some degree, so was prepared in theory. In practice? Well, let’s just say I’m not above whining and pouting when I don’t get my way. But, aside from the foreseen annoyances, there have been Other annoyances, too.

For instance, I lived briefly with an elderly relative. This relative and I get on really well, and it was super interesting to see how they interact with their God and the spirits inhabiting their home. It’s really a lot like how I interact with my God and spirits. I got to hear about personal conversations and revelations, inside jokes, rough patches and sweet times of comfort. I also got to hear a dozen or so brief admonishments of objects in my relative’s general vicinity on any given day. It makes me wish I had the freedom currently to display my sacred objects, and to worship Apollon openly. That wouldn’t go over well at present, though, and keeping the peace is more important right now than stirring the pot.

Although… I wish Someone would tell that to my relative’s Deity. I’m not too thrilled that some of my religious property has been damaged in a fit of what I can only describe as spite or jealousy. The damage didn’t come from a human, since I’m the only person who knew where my property was located. And the damage itself just seems childish, but not arbitrary by any means. It was a definite “Only one god allowed in this house!” sort of statement. It’s only really managed to provoke me when I’ve been trying to be so nice. It’s a good thing I can keep a lid on my upset, though, and this won’t deter me in the slightest. Shrines will have to be smaller and more abstract, but there will be shrines, regardless of potential spirit-inflicted damages.

So, the settling in is taking longer than anticipated, but I’m stable for the next thirty days, at least. During this period, I’ll be looking for a permanent place for me and mine, hopefully in the capital and not in this adjacent city in which we currently reside. Oh, and I can’t wait to get back to the main branch of the library. I’ve some research calling my name, and I’d like to get into it quickly. There’s not much else for me to do, aside from catching up with relatives and friends I haven’t laid eyes on in going on a decade. But, I’ll be around here and a few other online places, though my main concern will be to reconnect with my local Pagan/Polytheist community, which I’ve already begun doing. Gosh, you guys! I’m so happy to be here! <3