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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 22 – Poseidon

Hail Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, King who dwells in the depths and in the shallows!  Great God of crashing waves, hear this prayer!

You who command the calm winds, gently blowing, are also Lord over furious storms!  There is a storm brewing in the nearby sea, and it does threaten our city!

If it pleases You, dread Poseidon, do send Your waves and Your winds to break against the shores of Corpus Christi!  But, if we have pleased You before, O Lord, do not forget that some in this city are loyal to You, and have made sacrifices in Your name!

Poseidon, flood these streets if You must, but not before You have allowed the people to make preparations, and to evacuate!  Do tear trees and fences from the Earth in Your fury, but take no life from human or animal! We call out to you for mercy, O Lord of the Deep!  So please, be merciful!

Great will be our thanks to You, and sincere our continued sacrifices! Offerings will be made, incense will burn, and libations shall be poured in our reverence of You!  For we behold the might of the ocean, and its King!

But know also that if Your decision is not to grace the city with a hurricane or tropical storm, this decision will also be appreciated, and our gratitude will fill Your offerings in equal measure to our fear! Please, Poseidon, be merciful!

For You, we are grateful!  For the bounty You provide us, we are grateful! For the seas themselves, within which we work and play, we are grateful! And Lord, we are grateful for Your kindness, and Your mercy!  Please, show us Your mercy once again, and spare this city in all the ways that You will it to be spared!

Hail Poseidon, and thank You!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 19 – Helios

Helios, who burns brightest in the sky, the Living Sun, saturating the Earth with radiant nourishment, always are You present, and any absence of You would mean our certain destruction.

Life, in its many forms, is dependent on You, as we watch Your course through the sky, from dawn til dusk.  In the night, we miss You only on the dark moon, for that is when Your light is absent from the moon’s reflective face.

O Charioteer, driver of the burning steeds, each day You remind us that life burns because You warm us, because You never fail to renew us in Your light.  And with each day, we must make the choice to live better than the day before.

And so we thank You, Helios, and we show our gratitude with this libation, poured now in the night, as You sail back to Your palace in the east.  Rest, O Lord, and may Your thirst be quenched by this, our offering.

And when Your light pierces through the veil of darkness once again, we will celebrate Your coming, as the day begins anew.  Thank You, Helios, and hail!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 15 – Hestia

Blessed Hestia, Keeper of the Hearth, Great Goddess who serves for the good of all life.  Beautiful Goddess most demure and serene in Your countenance, thank You for what You have taught me over these years.

How to be the best for my family, and how to do what is necessary. How to love without expectation, and how to give with humility and grace.  You see the truth of all, for You are present in all the fires of the world.

You reside in those that warm our bodies, and in those that cook our meals.  You reside in the candlelight that illuminates our homes, and the campfires around which we tell our tales.  You are the soul of living flame, and You are always with us.

I have given praise to You in my darkest days, and in my brightest.  You have watched over us in times of scarcity and plenty.  You are the first and the last, receiving our offerings graciously and with joy.  We thank You, Hestia, and we are grateful for Your sacrifice.

O, Virgin, please continue to share with us Your strength and clarity. Keep us in Your thoughts as we move through this world.  And especially, allow me to burn with the passion of service toward the ones I love.  Goddess, grant us these things, and we will be steadfast in our reverence of You, as we have been these many years.  For we are grateful to You, Twice Born, Eldest and Youngest of the Gods.


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 10 – Zeus 2.0

Because, while I know my Father enjoys my humour, I also know He had something entirely different in mind.  And though He said a formal prayer wasn’t necessary, I think writing one may make up for my extreme cheekiness.  Sort if my preemptive apology.  D:

Wise Zeus, who is our glorious King!  He who is the most revered example of strength and beauty!  He who knows the fate of mankind! Our Father, who sits upon the High Throne, we are at all times thrilled to be in Your sight, and upon Your mind!

Generously, have You taken us into Your care, and kindly, have You listened to us, with our human frivolities and many shortcomings. Though we strive to be honorable in our intent, we may yet not see the ways in which we have wronged you.  If offense has been caused, Wise King, please be swift in Your answer, so that we may right the wrongs done, and improve in our reverence of You.

Great Zeus, who rules in stability upon Olympos, quiet our minds so that we may hear You.  Let not even our intent stand in the way of true understanding, for we are flawed, and humbly do we apologize.

You have been so tolerant of us, as the wisest Kings are.  For this, may we always stand attentive to Your desires, and to Your commands.

Here do we stand, in awe of You, grateful in the utmost for Your love, for it is not guaranteed, and we are but few in need if Your grace and guidance.

So we thank You, Wise King, and we hail You, the Most Deserving One, who shall receive our love and devotion, unbroken, throughout the days of our lives!

Thank You, Blessed Zeus, our Father and King!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 7 – Demeter

All praise to Demeter, Mother of Mothers, She who hears our lamentations and provides sustenance!

O Divine One, Giver of Grain, and the seeds which spring forth with new life! You, who loved Your Child beyond the fate of this world, You who walked among us, grieving, whose tears turned to the snows of the harshest winter!

O Demeter, Mother of Kore, who reared the Maiden into ripe womanhood, hear me now, if it please You, and accept my thanks and my gratitude!

You have known me in all my ways, through all my life, and beyond that which even I know!  You have received my offerings and my love, Goddess, full and glorious!

I seek to honor You now, to praise You, and to make known my humblest gratitude, for You have given me my heart’s desire, having answered my prayer for a second child!

My son, did You deliver unto me, Great Goddess, and he is as magnificent as the touch You laid upon him, causing him to grow as the grain stalks grow, til they are ready to be harvested in Your name!

By Your unending grace, may he know the Theoi all of his days, and in all of his endeavors!  May his life be one of striving for Your glory, and that of Your Divine Family!  For it is my wish to raise him in the light of the Theoi, that he may know Your presence, and be humbled by it, Great Mother!

Thank You, Demeter!  Please, accept this token of my gratitude, poured out before You in reverence!  And please, keep my son within Your sphere, loved always by the Mother of Mothers!

Praise Demeter!