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Pristine & Primrose – Custom Prayer Chain Options

Materials of my own custom prayer chain for Apollon, before being put together.

I am always willing to work with clients to make custom prayer chains that will truly resonate with them, and their spirits or Deities.  Here is a little information that you’ll need to know, going ahead.

Queen Hera full-sized prayer chain, available now.

I make two sizes of prayer chain:  Full-sized, and mini.  Both take roughly the same amount of time and skill to make, but the mini prayer chains are priced about $40-$60 dollars less than the full sized prayer chains, due to the smaller size of the beads involved.  Of course, final pricing will always depend upon the price, type and quality of the gemstones, metals, or other materials used.

Hekate mini prayer chain, available now.

Mini prayer chains are made with 7mm or 8mm beads, or a combination thereof.  They also feature one larger bead, usually around 12mm-14mm in size, as well as, a metal or acrylic end charm.

Full-sized prayer chains are made with 12mm or 13mm beads, or a combination thereof.  These may also feature 14mm beads or large gemstone nugget beads, used as spacers.  They may also feature a 14mm-20mm column or coin bead, along with a metal or acrylic pendant, and finally, a medium to large gemstone drop pendant or cabochon.

Beads may either be smooth or faceted.

Aphrodite Areia full-sized prayer chain, available now.

The standard wire used in my prayer chains is 20 gauge silver-plated copper, or gold-plated copper.  Silver-filled, gold-filled, sterling silver or 14 karat gold can be ordered at the request of the customer, and will be reflected in the price.

I use a variety of standard bead patterns when making prayer chains, but I am always willing to work with customers to create a pattern that works, and has meaning for them.  I will also add or subtract beads or other elements as the customer desires.

Apollon Pythios full-sized prayer chain. SOLD.

Glass, acrylic or resin substitutions can be used instead of gemstones to accommodate a lower price point for customers, but, as with all custom orders, materials which must be purchased specifically for a custom order must be paid for in full, including all shipping costs +10%, upfront, by the customer before any work will begin.

This first payment buys the needed materials, and serves as a deposit, refundable ONLY if materials have not yet been ordered at cancellation.  Once the materials are on their way to me, the deposit is no longer refundable, no matter what the reason for the cancellation.  If I refunded after ordering materials, I would be out of potentially tens of dollars, or more, that I would not have originally spent.

The 10% is always non-refundable, and covers the time I spend ordering materials and conceptualizing the custom piece.

If no custom ordering of materials is required, the usual pricing formula will be used.

The remainder of the price of a custom order will depend on the time I spend on the piece, any materials used which were already on-hand, overhead, taxes, and shipping costs.  It will be due upon completion, before being shipped to the customer.

If you have admired any of my prayer chains, and are interested in having a beautiful piece made especially for you and your spirit or Deity, I hope you will consider Pristine & Primrose for your needs.

Please use this Contact Page for questions and details, or to place an order.