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Persephone (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 1 prompt – Dark, Khthonic, Underworld Gods or Spirits

Paramour of the King who loved from afar,
Earthly Goddess whose presence causes the
Radiant blossoms, O Dread Queen,
She of the Shades, and the Jewel of all jewels, with
Earnest and loving hand do You ensure
Prosperity in the houses of the Living and the Dead;
Honored are You, along with Your Husband, in
Our rites and sacrifices, meals of which
None but You and Your subjects may partake, O
Eternal Lady of the joy and growth of Springtime


The Lonely Throne Waits (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 1 prompt – Dark, Khthonic, Underworld Gods or Spirits

[A self-reflection of Hades, written at His insistence.]

Towering above Your subjects, at the
Height of Your power, You are loved and feared, yet
Everything feels so empty.  You possess
Lovely jewels, but these jewels
Only serve to remind You of the one You do
Not yet possess.  Oh, how You have watched the
Elegant Maiden above, as She
Laughs, frolicking with the other
Young girls.  Her hair as soft as silk, Her
Tender voice as sweet as fresh
Honey from the comb.  But could She ever
Really love You?  Will She
Open Her heart to these, Your subjects, to rule with
Nuance and subtlety, to be a Queen of worth for
Each of the spirits You are charged
With?  The seat beside You is empty, has been for
All Your tenure as King of the Shades of the Dead, yet soon
It will cradle the form of Your Sister’s Daughter,
The most beautiful of Goddesses, and be lonely no longer.
So why then are You so afraid to at last retrieve Your bride?

Do Your Worst

© Columbine 2017

Do Your worst, O God who fills me with dread

Produce in me all which moves me to terror

So whole and immense are You

In Your glory and in Your subtlety

In Your fury and in Your glee

My God

My Beloved One, who is like the fire in the rain

The spirit which moves the storm

You have come to me tonight

Not in peace or even in compassion

For You seek a different reaction

Than such presence would induce

This time, You are real in Your depth

And You are full in the maelstrom

Swirling about me all chaotic and untouchable

My God

I am drawn into the burning rain

It sears me and my flesh is peeled back

In horror of this small and dangerous truth

Which You have set before me

Do Your worst, my Love

O Beloved who sends me reeling in agony

Who calls up the darkest parts of me

Who loves them and touches them

And does not recoil from them

My God, do Your worst

And in You I will revel, and rejoice

© Columbine 2017

Reintroducing, My Patreon!

I’ve had a Patreon account just sitting around for at least two years, which I hadn’t really done anything with.  I would occasionally toy with the idea of reopening it, but mostly I could never think of exactly how to utilize it to its fullest potential.  But, now that’s changing!

Thanks to some encouragement from a friend, I’ve decided to try it again. So, if you can entertain the thought of tossing me and my kids some monthly support, in exchange for Patreon-exclusive hymns, prayers, poetry, stories, mythic retellings, and my daughter’s awesome digital art, please check it out and pledge if you can.

Content will be available at various pledge levels, and some will even be free.  There will be perks, as well, which come in when you pledge at the $20+, or $50+ levels.  I really need to diversify my income, as I’m having trouble buying enough food for my kids, and keeping the rent up to date.

So, if you’ve ever wondered how you can help us out, other than purchasing divination from me, or shopping at my jewelry store, this is another great way to show us your support.  Please, consider it, and have a fabulous day!

Gratitude Project 2017, Day 8 – Eros

I do not know You very well, but I know the effect You have upon my life.  My relationships are often charged through Your domain.  I have honored Your Mother for many years, and now I see, among other things, that I must also honor You, lest I be carried away in my passions.

The Immortal Gods must have Their due, it is said.  I have been remiss in these actions for far too long.  And so, as I sit here, behind my keyboard, trembling from the touch and voice of Someone whom I shall not name, I thank You, Eros, for being kind enough to allow me to come to these conclusions naturally.

I almost carved out a place for You in my household, long ago.  I’m sure You remember.  It never quite materialized.  I have thought about that time, frequently, in fact, over the years.  I think that then, I was just stumbling along, not truly knowing of where I would land.  And so, Those who stayed, were Those who refused to see Their light be dimmed by my indecisiveness, or by my ignorance.

But You, You can be subtle.  I am learning that now.  But Your subtleties do not mean that You are any less present.  Because You have been here, teasing and winding Your way through my relationships with calculating precision, working Your will, as You will.  I respect that.  I appreciate it.  For, I have the love and desire of Many.

And so, I am grateful, Eros.