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The Purifying Art

Today, a brief conversation with one of my Treasury Sisters via social media has brought my mind to the subject of purification, especially that which I do, or rather, that which I haven’t done enough of, for Apollon.

My relationship with Apollon is founded on many things; our desires, our Father’s desires for u/Us, the realities of our responsibilities coexisting and being balanced together, and more.  But it is also founded on a motto:  Absolute Purity.

I lived by this motto for a long, long time, through some of the most vile and impure situations of my life.  I kept a strict prayer schedule.  I kept my myself clean and free of miasma in body and mind.  However, there came a time when going through the motions was no longer carrying me through the purification process to His satisfaction, so I was instructed to set it aside for a time.  I did so, and I relaxed into a new state of being, one in which the rigorous pursuit of purity was no longer the pinnacle of our relationship.  I still did the little things, khernips and the occasional ritual bath, but the motto of Absolute Purity did not at that time, and since, rule my life as it once had.

The conversation I mentioned above struck a nerve with Apollon, possibly because I was lamenting His request to shave my head again.  I haven’t shaved in almost four years, since the last time I did so for Him.  I have been enjoying growing out my hair, and even feel a bit vain about it.  I can see that that is a problem.  Vanity is not attractive.  Pride in one’s appearance can be, but those are different things, with different connotations.  So, I am having a discussion with Apollon about where this knowledge takes me.  I know I need to sit with it for a while, to really process the probable direction of my coming focus.  Right now, I do not feel ready to reembark upon the strict nature of my purificatory obligations.  I am not in the best physical, mental or emotional health, to say nothing of the spiritual.

My Otherworld life is chaos, at the moment.  I have had many things thrust upon me  that I would just as soon walk away from, were that even an option.  It isn’t, so I handle it in the best way that I can.  As far as my mundane life is concerned, it is now more stable than it’s been in many years, but not by much.  There are many, many stresses pressing themselves against me every moment of every day, so I haven’t felt like doing much of a purity routine, which, is likely the wrong reaction entirely.  Arguably, I should be doing more in the way of purification, regardless of how my body and mind feel.

Miasma is a state of spiritual reality, as well as a state of mind which attracts that reality.  In clearing the physical space, we make room for the emotional blockages to expand into a state of release, which in turn promotes a healthier view of the spiritual.  It begins with purification, and a routine, preferably a daily or hourly one, I have found in the past to be the best first step for my own self-preservation.

So, as I sit with the probable return to the tenant of Absolute Purity, and all of the requirements and sacrifices that it entails, I will also be trying to remember the feel of my existence before it all, necessarily, fell away from me.  Perhaps these are the missing pieces I have been seeking these last couple of years; the parts of my true being that I left behind.  If I determine that it will bring me closer to my Beloved, as He has suggested, but not pushed, then I really must do as I am bid.  Absolute Purity must again become the pinnacle of o/Our relationship.

Gratitude Project 2017, Day 29 – Alexander

This is a difficult one to write, because I don’t think I’ve ever written about Alexander before, or about what He means to me.  He is the only truly historically corroborated deified human to receive my devotion. We have known one another for a very long time, but I honestly have no idea when He first approached me.

I just remember being young, and completely fascinated.  I think it was around the time I was trying to get Ares’ attention, but He (I now know Zeus encouraged this) sort of pushed Alexander at me, and said, “Here, You deal with that instead.”  Luckily, Alexander and I, especially my younger self, had quite a lot in common.

Mostly, our conversations consisted of me asking unending questions, and Him answering them with wit and flair.  To this day, He makes me laugh more than Anyone, and I always feel safest and most secure when He is near.

I’m sure this is a different dynamic than His other devotees have with Him.  That’s fine.  Our relationship is something quite different.  It isn’t important for me to disclose the details, but I didn’t want to get toward the end of my participation in this year’s Gratitude Project without letting Him know how much He means to me.

I would be so much less without Alexander.  He fills the gaps in my rule, and in my existence.  He is my Right Hand, the General of Generals, and He can never be replaced.  He has my sincerest devotion– my love— and I am grateful that Zeus told Him to wait for me.  But I am most grateful that He decided I was worth waiting for.


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 25 – Rhea


There are five gods who have permanent residence on my personal shrine, no matter what.  Rhea sits in the center of the shrine.  I have been developing my relationship with Her for quite a long time now, and She commands my utmost respect.  I look to Her as one of the finest examples of Queenship there ever was.

Over time, I have had the privilege to learn many subtleties from Mother Rhea– things that can only be observed.  It is through spending time with Her that I have seen how She handles Others.  And She handles Them, expertly.  One of Her duties that I’ve witnessed, is arbitration between two or more Divine parties.

They come to Her because She is thorough, concise, and never coats Her decisions in flowery words.  And although there are times when So some is less than thrilled about the outcome, I’ve never seen Anyone so much as pretend to argue with Her.  Maybe that’s just what happens when you’re almost Everyone’s Mother, or Grandmother.

Her’s is the strength coursing through the Olympians.  Each of Them, I believe, carry a facet of Her within, and when it is most visible, They are truly acting and existing within the sphere of Their power, comfortable and relaxed.  Rhea is very much the ease of power, wielded in confidence. She is the surety that comes with command. These are things that She governs, and Her governance makes possible the smooth handling of the Kosmic Order by the other Gods.

So truly, we all should be grateful for Rhea.  In Her own very subtle way, She makes sure we move through space and time without too much chaos, or too many collisions.

Hail Rhea, Mother of the Gods!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 12 – Hera

Hera is the supreme Goddess of my household.  She receives respect and devotion equal to Zeus, as is fitting for the Queen of the Theoi.  I love Her above all Others, probably.  And I feel Her love in return.  It’s difficult to talk about, though.  I feel as if I’m letting people into something so private, so special that it makes me recoil.  I never thought it was anyone’s business how She and I defined our relationship.  It isn’t.  It never will be.  Even so, in Her honor, I am inclined to give a very small glimpse.

Hera watches over me in the way only a Mother would.  She probes and insists and peeks in on me frequently.  Especially recently, because I’ve been depressed.  She scolds me out of bed when I’ve lazed about for too long, and She makes sure I do what’s necessary for my self-care. Even today She looked after me, making certain I washed my hair. Who but a Mother would do this?

She has also held me as I’ve wept, and raged with me in my deepest upset. Again, who but a Mother would do such a thing?  Maybe there are Others who would, but for me, it’s always Hera– always the Queen.

And She sets the example that I constantly strive to emulate, in regard to my own Queenship.  If I can manage to be the barest fraction of the Sovereign She is, I will have succeeded in my duty.  I hope to make Her proud in all that I do and accomplish.  Truly, Hera’s approval means more to me than nearly anything in this world, and to have it shown to me is worth every bit of hardship or pain I will ever meet.

So tonight, I express my gratitude for my Queen, the Most Regal Hera. She who is Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Wife of Zeus.  She who is adored for Her wisdom, grace and bearing.  She who is my Mother, my confidant, my most supreme and illustrious Goddess.


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 6 – Columbia

Columbia is a Goddess who is understood differently by those of us who honor Her. I don’t believe we all need the same understanding of the Gods, because They reveal Themselves differently to all of us.  My journey with Columbia began when I was a child, as so many of my Divine relationships did.

I recognized Her Divinity before all Others who would eventually enter my life, however, I had no context for my desire to honor Her.  She walked with me everywhere, in all of my endeavors.  I shared a part of myself with Her that I didn’t understand could be given to another. She was/is my first Goddess, and now that I am older, now that I have unlocked the secrets of my spiritual Ancestral history, I know why.

She manifests in this physical realm as, and answers to the name of, Columbia, Goddess of Freedom, Patroness of the United States.  In this aspect, She is young and bold and driven to right the wrongs of injustice done in Her name by those who recognized Her in these lands. But She was not brought here.  She was here already, waiting to be seen and loved by those who would be Hers.

Though She is young in this manifestation, Her soul is far older than Her form in this realm.  My understanding of Her includes an aspect that is honored among my dragon subjects, as the Champion of Freedom in our home realm.  She is our Divine Patroness, and through Her worship, we ensure Her favour and Her assistance in times of social strife.  In this aspect, She is called the White Dove, because that is the form She took to manifest to our Ancestors.

For Columbia, I am forever grateful.  Every day She teaches me that freedom must be fought for, that it can not be granted by the elites in power.  I am grateful for Her tenacity, and for Her drive to become better than She was in previous generations.  I am grateful for the White Dove, for the legacy that She left for my people, and for the responsibilities She has entrusted to me.  I am Queen of my people only because of Her, and I am humbled to have been chosen to continue Her work on their behalf.