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Whatever, Beth

Yes, I wrote the letter.  Yes, it was for you.  And yes, I meant every word of it.  But you and I both know that I didn’t publish it for a reason.  That reason being that after I finished writing it, I had purged all of the contempt I was harboring, and didn’t feel the need to drag out the drama any more than it already was.

But I guess you didn’t feel the same way I did.  That’s fine.  I wasn’t very nice in the letter, but neither were you on your Facebook page, calling me “thin-skinned”, and “uneducated”.  I think a letter that was never going to be published, and set to friends only on Facebook, was a small price to pay for what you said about me.

I also think it’s very, very telling about the kind of person you are that you would purposefully escalate an incident that was already dying.  But I suppose that’s what you do.  You can’t live without the drama.  You come with the crying and the victim blaming, and high horse histrionics.  Lady, I never wished you or your business ill.  I still don’t, even after all this.  And no, sorry, but you have failed in your half-assed attempt to embarrass me.  I stand by my words.

And you can stand by yours in your ridiculous smear campaign against me.  Come for me.  I’m here, and I’ll be here, watching you posture and froth at the mouth.  Because, really, nothing says “I’m right!” more than a preemptive strike against someone who wasn’t doing a thing to you, and had already moved on.

And, no, Beth, I’m not an anti-Semite, but nice try.  Being Jewish doesn’t make you not white, though, and everything I said before about your internalized racism still applies.  I suggest you go sit with it and work on yourself, because like every other human being on the planet, including me, you are far from perfect.

Take care, and please, stay away from me.

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Bi-Yearly Oracular Forecast

The forecast, for the next five months.

Treasury of Apollon

Telchinion through Daphneion 2017/2018

Telchinion (XII) Oct. 20 – Nov. 18, 2017

(T) Tau, (Δ) Delta, (I) Iota

During the month of Telchinion, there is the warning of separation for one’s own betterment.  If you now socialize with, or otherwise associate with individuals who do not share your own ethic of hard work and accountability, then you are better off without them.  The Gods and circumstances will conspire to fulfill this promise, if you are unwilling to do it yourself.  Things that may hold you back from taking this action may be tradition or customs, cherished and long-standing in your circle, but you must go your own way.  Tradition is useless if you stagnate upon it’s corpse.  What comes next will be determined by your tenacity.

Hyperboraios (XIII) Nov. 19 – Dec. 18, 2017

(N) Nu, (Θ) Theta, (Π) Pi

The month of Hyperboraios…

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Bi-Yearly Oracular Forcast

The forecast for the next seven lunar months.

Treasury of Apollon

Theoxenion through Aegletion, 2017

Theoxenion (IV) – Mar. 29-Apr. 26, 2017

(E) Epsilon, (Γ) Gamma, (Z) Zeta

In the month of Theoxenion, seeds which were sown in months past will come to bear fruit, and partnerships will coalesce into a cohesive and formidable whole.  Spiritually, this could mean joining with a new Deity, or delving into a previously unexplored relationship or mode of worship, or deepening a relationship with a Deity you already know, love or serve.  This new found cohesion will also come just in time for a great hardship, or test, which will shake loose the foundations of which we have become accustomed.  Don’t fight against it.  Do not be ridgid, or you will crumble into dust, like a pillar that believes it is strong, but in truth, is only as strong as the ground beneath it.

Pytheion (V) – Apr. 27-May 25, 2017

(Z) Zeta, (

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Shrine Etiquette & Information

First Treasury Shrine of Apollon

With the public opening of the shrine a few months away, I thought I would go ahead a lay down some guidelines for what is acceptable when visiting in person.


The first thing, is for all visitors to be respectful of the space.  Keep your voices low, and do not handle objects on the shrine, unless the Shrine Keeper has informed you that it is acceptable.

Certain offerings will be provided for you, such as stick incense for the incense dish, and olive oil and water to pour over the Agyieus Stone.  You may bring your own incense for offering, along with your own drink offerings which you may pour into another dish provided for that purpose.  Drink offerings that you bring are not to be poured over the Agyieus Stone.

Flowers, or other small trinkets or gifts you may wish to present to Apollon are also welcomed.  All…

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Still Here

Hey!  I’m still alive!  Obviously, I missed the chance to provide Intercession with Apollon this month, so I apologize for that.  In other news, I’m moving again, so I’ve been too busy for Intercession anyway.  Apollon knows this, but since I ran out of internet three weeks ago, I wasn’t able to let my readers know.  I’m currently typing this at the library, in case you’re wondering.

Anyway, I’ll be scarce for the foreseeable future.  Thanks for your patience.

— Columbine