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Bi-Yearly Oracular Forcast

Here is the forecast for the next six months, for all interested persons.

Treasury of Apollon

Aegletion through Daphneion 2016/2017

Aegletion (XI) Oct. 2 – Oct. 30, 2016

(Μ) Mu, (Ο) Omicron, (Ζ) Zeta

Aegletion looks to be a difficult month, one which compels us to lay strong foundations to rest upon for the coming year.  All that we do has its purpose, and we will reap what we sow.  But, for the trials ahead, it may be best for us to stockpile our energies for the time when they will be most effective.  When we are in the midst of the turmoil is not the proper time to set our will against it.

Telchinion (XII) Oct. 31 – Nov. 29, 2016

(Ρ) Rho, (Θ) Theta, (Ξ) Xi

In Telchinion, we may wish to bide our time.  It is fruitless to try to force action, especially of others, at this time.  If they do not come around to your position, know that the Gods are with…

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Healing Prayer for the Polytheist Community

We, the Sisters of the Treasury of Apollon, invite you to participate in our monthly prayer chain. Be welcomed, friends. <3

Treasury of Apollon


[Prayer should begin August 23, 2016, at or near Sunset, in your particular Time Zone]

Since July of 2014, once a month, originally on the Full Moon but now on the 21st day of each lunar month, the Sisters of the Treasury of Apollon have come together to form a prayer chain, always with the intent of amplifying our Lord Apollon’s own divine healing powers, and extending that healing toward one another, as well as toward the greater Polytheist community. With these prayers, in addition to promoting the safety, health and well-being of our Sisterhood, it is our hope to bridge gaps of understanding and tolerance toward all those who may be different from ourselves, and as always, to become beacons of Apollon’s light in this world.

Now, for the first time, we invite others in our Polytheist and Pagan communities to join their voices with our own…

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All Fucks Have Been Harvested, the Ground is now Fallow

So, it’s been a few months and I’ve had time to simmer down. I’m still not happy about what happened, but whatever. People are people and I’m not meant to dwell on others’ shortgivings when I have so many of my own. I have grieved for the loss of a friendship, and now I’m moving on.

There will be some new boundary guidelines for this blog, however. Since I left for a bunch of reasons (the above reason being the straw that broke the camel’s back), I’m going to state right now that COMMENTS ARE MODERATED AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE MODERATED AT ALL TIMES. No, even if you (the general you) leave me a comment, I do not guarantee that I will allow it to be seen by anyone other than me. You (again, the general you) do not have a right to a voice on my blog, and if you get snippy about it, I will ban your IP address. Sucks for you and anyone else in your general vacinity, yes? Too bad.  I will not abide trolls, or obnoxiousness to any degree.

Now, about email…  Those who are awaiting responses from me, please know that I’ve discovered some in my spam folder, but since several people have asked basically the same question, I’ll be responding via a blog post on the subject of getting started with Apollon as a new devotee.  That’ll be coming fairly soon, but not right, right away.  In the meantime, enjoy my latest post from the Treasury of Apollon, on veiling and fear, which I’ll be posting here next.


I’m Out

Today is the last day of the Aegletia, as well as my birthday, so it’s supposed to be a happy day, but it’s not.

I’m letting my dear readers know right now that I am completely burned out on blogging in general, and sharing myself in particular.  It’s not even due to anything I wrote on this blog, but my private blog, that was taken out of context and talked about publicly in a mocking and condescending way by someone whom I trusted.  I’m over it now.  I’m over blogging, I’m over people, I’m over trying so hard to be the group leader for anyone who hasn’t enough patience to realize that hey, Columbine only fled her home seven months ago, is trying to make it in unfamiliar circumstances, is raising a ten-year-old with another baby on the way, is still trying to organize a website with zero tech-support and limited funds, and she doesn’t have the time to hold anyone’s hand.  I’m just fucking done.

I wasn’t going to give any explanation, but now you have one.  Don’t expect me to post here again.

All, and None are Special

I wrote this piece last year (June 14, 2013) addressing issues of concern to me and the Treasury of Apollon at that time. It was a piece written exclusively to appear there, so I didn’t cross-post. But now, I’m feeling a nudge to go ahead and share it here, finally. So, here you go.

Treasury of Apollon

If you have been with the Lord Apollon for some time, after the often initial reaction to flee from His glory, you may find a very different expression of His personality, waiting just below the surface of what you had first encountered.  He waits there with open arms to embrace you, and to entangle you in His gravity, where you will orbit Him like any loyal satellite.

It is often the kindness of our Lord that most surprises those who are new to this face.  But what could rightly come next after the harsh truth of His nature?  After the pursuit, after the tearing of the flesh, did He not seek your surrender?  In giving all of ourselves to our Lord, we make ourselves open to receive His many gifts.  Our Prince is a generous God.  Generously doting, generously affectionate, and has been known to subsume His loves, taking them…

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