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Center of a Storm (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 5 prompt – Air, Wind, Life Giving Gods or Spirits

[Two weeks late with this one!  Playing catch up!]

Circling in the violent winds, Your ire rises and falls, yet we
Endure.  So clever are You, in Your destruction.
Never predictable, and often deadly, Your form reaches down– a
Tornado, like a Divine finger, sweeping away all in its path.  But
Even as You tear life and limb from us on Earth, inside all of that
Restlessness, exists a quiet center, a place for the
Opening of Self, which allows You,
For brief moments, to know our fear.  Yet this knowing does nothing to
Assuage Your appetite.  The center within fuels Your need to wipe clean
Stagnation in all its forms, You who purifies
Through destruction.  Telchinios, we know You, and as we proclaim
Our awe, we are careful not to draw Your attention, for there is
Risk involved, should Your curiosity lead You to notice our
Most hidden and precarious faults.


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 28 – Nemesis

Today’s Gratitude Project post will be a pointed one.  I have had to spend the days of the hurricane and its aftermath in a situation that I loathe, among people who have harmed me, all for the sake of keeping my children dry, fed and warm.

To humble myself before the “generosity” of my husband’s mistress is in every conceivable way, unappealing.  To see the man whom I have loved for sixteen years be more of a partner to this woman than he ever was with me, turns my stomach.  To be reminded that I do not belong among my husband and his new family, is humiliating.  And to see how happy and perfect for each other they are, is the worst of all.

He is my husband, though now in name only, and he abused me throughout our entire relationship.  He used me for his sexual proclivities, up to and including rape perpetrated by him and others, and tortured me mentally and emotionally.  Still, I loved him.  I gave away the best years of my life to him, and I’ll never get those years back.  I was in every way his slave.  I started this blog in the midst of that abuse, and though my escape was realized while he was distracted by his affair, I will not thank this woman for stealing my husband, because he’s not the man he was three years ago.

He’s changed, by the grace of Apollon, and now that he has, she reaps the benefits of this change. Not me, who stood by him, and served him, and was obedient. Not me, who swore to love and honor him for all my days, and meant it.  Not me, who birthed his children, and almost died both times.  She gets the love, respect, affection and compassion that he told me he was incapable of giving anyone.  And I got abandoned.

So, while the two of them are living their charmed life, I get to witness just how superior she is to me, by seeing all the ways he treats her better than he treated me.  All because I couldn’t afford to evacuate myself and my children during a hurricane.  But they’re safe, and they’re dry, and they’re fed, and they’re warm.  There is no humiliation I would not endure to ensure their safety.  Trust me.  I’ve endured them all.

But I take solace in the knowing that everyone gets their just desserts, before the end.  Nemesis metes out what is deserved, to those who seem to get away with crimes and improprieties.  Marriage is sacred, after all, and I take my vows very seriously.  The two of them did me ill, and they did damage, and it continues to this day.  But they’ll get theirs. Of this, I am as sure as I am grateful for the power of Nemesis.  There will be justice.


Preparing for Hurricane…

Gratitude Project posts will be suspended from now until we are all settled back in, after the hurricane.  I don’t know how long that will be. I can not spare my attention to anything other than preparedness and evacuation, at this time.

Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.  Those of you who are also in the path of the hurricane, take care of yourselves, and your loved ones.

Good luck, everyone!

Gratitude Project 2017, Day 22 – Poseidon

Hail Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, King who dwells in the depths and in the shallows!  Great God of crashing waves, hear this prayer!

You who command the calm winds, gently blowing, are also Lord over furious storms!  There is a storm brewing in the nearby sea, and it does threaten our city!

If it pleases You, dread Poseidon, do send Your waves and Your winds to break against the shores of Corpus Christi!  But, if we have pleased You before, O Lord, do not forget that some in this city are loyal to You, and have made sacrifices in Your name!

Poseidon, flood these streets if You must, but not before You have allowed the people to make preparations, and to evacuate!  Do tear trees and fences from the Earth in Your fury, but take no life from human or animal! We call out to you for mercy, O Lord of the Deep!  So please, be merciful!

Great will be our thanks to You, and sincere our continued sacrifices! Offerings will be made, incense will burn, and libations shall be poured in our reverence of You!  For we behold the might of the ocean, and its King!

But know also that if Your decision is not to grace the city with a hurricane or tropical storm, this decision will also be appreciated, and our gratitude will fill Your offerings in equal measure to our fear! Please, Poseidon, be merciful!

For You, we are grateful!  For the bounty You provide us, we are grateful! For the seas themselves, within which we work and play, we are grateful! And Lord, we are grateful for Your kindness, and Your mercy!  Please, show us Your mercy once again, and spare this city in all the ways that You will it to be spared!

Hail Poseidon, and thank You!


Prayer for Libation to Poseidon

Blessed are You, Lord Poseidon, Deliverer of Rain, Who travels through the atmosphere, thick in clouds.

Poseidon, Who churns the molecules before their release and subsequent fall to Earth, oh Lord, send your rains to us who have gambled our lives upon the breaking drought.

May this moisture supply the ripening fruit with wide girth, and the fields also, rich in grain and corn.

Look now upon the trees, and see how they bend with the weight of abundance; that which You have provided, Bountiful Lord.

Your showers come suddenly, pouring with abandon upon the City, and all the rural Lands.

We have awaited Your presence with quiet breath, for Your storms are fickle, and we are but one species in need of Your attention.

We honor You, Poseidon, and we acknowledge Your dominion over the crucial elements, those which permit the furtherance of human life.

Lord over Water and Earth, we give back in drink and nourishment, so that You may continue to look favorably upon us, easing the Summer passage with sweet rains.

Please, accept this Offering, and this Libation, on behalf of those who live and work upon this Land.

Please, render unto us Your bounty, so that we may again pour sweet wine, offer rich meats, and waft incense toward High Olympos, in due time.

May we who know and honor You, Lord entwined within the mystery of life, be always humble, knowing of the truth of our toil.

We live by Your grace, Lord Poseidon, and by the grace of the many Blessed Gods.

And as we give, so do we receive in glorious abundance, Your love, poured out over the Land and Sea.

Hail, Lord Poseidon!