Divinatory Services

Here is the new and improved page for my Divinatory Services.

To order a Tarot or Pendulum reading, please click on the Buy Now link for the one you want, and after payment, email your ONE inquiry (per reading) to LaurelColumbine(at)gmail(dot)com. With your inquiry, please include the title(s) of your reading(s), and your preferred name, along with the name that shows up via PayPal, so that I may properly identify you.

Please allow for one week (7 days), before receipt of your results.

Insights & Solutions Reading (13 Cards) – Helps with getting to the root of an issue, and determining a forward course. — $50 USD

Black-Buy-ButtonInsights & Solutions

Thirteen Moons Reading (13 Cards) – A look into the future, thirteen Lunar Months ahead. — $50 USD

Black-Buy-ButtonThirteen Moons

Freestyle Reading (7 Cards) – For when you don’t have a specific question, and would just like to know what the Cards have to say. — $25 USD


Garden Reading (7 Cards) – Useful for answering specific questions, and clearing the air around situations. — $25 USD


Past/Present/Future Reading (3 Cards) – A quick look into your current situation, how it formed, and where it leads. — $12 USD


Yes/No Pendulum Reading – A yes or no answer to a yes or no question. — $5 USD

Black-Buy-ButtonYes/No Pendulum


2 responses to “Divinatory Services

  1. I have been coming to Laurel for divination for several years now and am so glad to see she is formally opening her divinatory services. I believe Apollo has blessed her with a special insight into the future and many times she was able to elucidate hidden messages and patterns behind my many questions. Whether it’s a spiritual question or a question about the future, she has the answers!

  2. I first ordered a reading from Laurel back in 2012, of which I don’t think either of us would now remember what I asked. But I do recall finding the answer poignant and helpful at the time, so when I started seeking out divination again in 2013, I contacted Laurel for assistance.

    I’ve had numerous readings from Laurel since that time, and I can’t sing her praises enough. I’ve found her divination to be right on point, remarkable in its context, and more than insightful. She has a rare gift for precision, has been blessed with a keen ear to Apollon’s words, and has exceeding talent in regards to her interpretive and oracular skills. When I’ve needed it, Laurel has also been kind enough to offer extra clarification and confirmation.

    As a reader, Laurel is fast to respond, professional and polite, and never fails to impress. I can’t recommend her services enough.

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