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Best. Spam. Ever.

“Howdy people ! exciting post but I couldn’t to gasp the idea, the reason of this is that that I have had the most wonderful appointment in my life . And the girl was just stunning and smart . And I found her on philippine escort!”


“Seyton!–I am sick at heart, When I behold–Seyton, I say!–This push Will cheer me ever, or disseat me now. I have lived long enough: my way of life Is fall’n into the sear, the yellow leaf; And that which should accompany old age, As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have; but, in their stead, Curses, not loud but deep, mouth-honour, breath, Which the poor heart would fain deny, and dare not. Seyton!”


“The poe are used by throwing them on the floor to see whether they land rounded-side-up or flat-side-up. We may envision the process as comparable to throwing a pair of coins. The most usual procedure is for the petitioner to pose a question, and then phrase an answer. He then throws a pair of poe to receive confirmation or disconfirmation of the answer. If the two poe fall identically (both flat-side-up or both rounded-side-up), then the formulation of the answer is disconfirmed and a new answer must be proposed. If they fall differently (one flat-side-up, the other rounded-side-up), this represents a positive response.”


“No trumpets were played, no Youtube videos were released, no “likes” on Facebook were given. He entered the world not as a heroic muscular man, but as a frail vulnerable baby.”


“Three years passed, and Orgrimmar swelled. However, a series of minor incidents between the Durotar orcs and Theramore humans threatened the stability of the entire area. Thrall and Jaina desperately attempted to keep the peace, but a small segment of the Horde slipped from Thrall’s control. His chief warrior Burx took an army of orcs and trolls to Northwatch Hold , the same keep Admiral Proudmoore had used for his operations, and demanded the humans dismantle it. A battle began after the humans refused. Jaina contacted Thrall with information that Burx was working for the orcish end of the Burning Blade cult. The Burning Blade at the time was being controlled by the demon Zmodlor . Infuriated at the idea that an orc would once again serve the Legion, Thrall stopped the battle with aid from the Spirits and denounced Burx. When the warrior protested that he was acting in the Horde’s interests, Thrall smashed his skull with the Doomhammer.”


Hence a military alliance was born, they agreed on mutually as long as appearing the person to can threaten them, exterminates at all costs it, demolish to dominate-tower orchid Si ·easy gram of Si gram You Shi’s real strenght is the strongest, but he always deeply resides Jian Chu, while doing not ask a life time, right bower ·easy gram of Si gram You Shi’s naturally must become the mastermind of this allies.

Suddenly, snow Ji feels his/her own shoulder be embraced, she looking at the person of in front.

Chen Zhen who sees this condition, heart such as die ash, he bites a tooth to curse and scold:”Hold, woman how all this character!His mama of!Lao Tze hereafter any further not female believer person!”

“Your that’s right, I really promised toward the person of The Huns big guerdon, however a little bit ordering blood is no harm this time, because I have dependablely news this time, a life time Mao that old thing intends to unite that lately- taken a post Chinese officer overthrows me this big Tribal chief.”

But whole body military dress’ causing conflagration is just a little bit tiny to nod, way:”Is Su Bo and Wei virtuous to have what circumstance?”

At the beginning beat with big fellow so a way for handing over of several yearses, The Huns person for big fellow that kind of is particularly convenient and friendly can the protection oneself of the biggest degree will get of tiger sign and protect a sign technique very of desire.And along with they continuously captive’s Hahn people’s soldier is particularly a man the soldier go to Li Ling whom noble family in the door is from The Huns, this technique also immediately spreads to open on the steppe.

Certainly, the monster person’s clan isn’t pleasurable either, original took out to adjust most of war capabilities, threw in to work properly a clan with Wu and extend chemical element area in, for mankind empire of war capability opposite of weak a lot of!Result monster person clan neglect the gist under, incredibly drive Ai west the Er empire distinctly offended to sink boundary area, the territory is seized is a small matter, can Ai west Er troops at monster person territory up built up a base of, give°ed the route to break through still mutually, this lets Ai west the Er empire thoroughly occupied on one’s own initiative, route can also borrow to break through, works properly clan, Long Zu with Wu to border, can say to extend the diverse of war!




And now, for the top ten most hilarious/ludicrous net searches which led to this blog!


10.)  happy birthday animated christian

9.)  babies drinking wine

8.)  hungover statue of liberty

7.)  naked gods

6.)  female possession orgasm

5.)  kneel mortals queen

4.)  hijab big chest

3.)  i must warn you i’m a ninja

2.)  artificial intelligence in courts

And my personal favorite…

1.)  methamphetamine


Keep it classy, Internet.  Always, keep it classy.