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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 4 – Aphrodite

Aphrodite.  Where do I begin?  I’ve always had a pull toward Her, some kind of force that ensured I would sit at Her feet as a child and young woman, absorbing all the Divine grace that my Lady had to offer me.  I didn’t understand it back then, or have the faintest idea what was happening, but She was there.  She was always there.

When I look back on those years, I clearly see myself drowning in Her power, in Her presence.  It was more blessing than curse, but it had its unsavory moments. To be touched by Aphrodite means that you will be seen, and there were times when I didn’t want to be seen.  Truly, I believe She was my first teacher in the ways of Queenship.

A Queen is a focal point of attention, bad and good.  I had to learn early how to navigate the winding roads of p/People’s sight and interest, and it was difficult.  I also had to learn when to use a prod when a smile wouldn’t get things done. That was more difficult, but She taught me.  In Her guise as Areia, She taught me.

Aphrodite is so much more than society will have you believe.  Those who worship Her know this, but it seems to surprise those who do not.  A War Goddess in Her own right, She knows the games people play with their hearts and the hearts of others, all too well.  She knows what passions lead soldiers to defend each other to the death.  She is All Love, and All Grace, and I am grateful.

I am grateful for Aphrodite, grateful for Her lessons, and for Her example.  I am grateful for Her subtleties, and for Her extremes.  I am grateful for the ways in which She shaped my psyche, and the ways She shaped my soul.  I am a better woman for Apollon because of Her, a better Queen for my people, and I am a better human for this world because of Her, too.



Hymn to Areia

Soft-armed Areia, Who cradles us in the moment of our supreme ecstacy

Blessed Goddess, come

Sublime Areia, of rich ichor, dancer among the blades

Sweet, Golden Armored Goddess, come

She Who drives the grand chariot of swans, sounding like the awful horns of war

Illustrious Goddess, come

Areia, Friend of Ares, the Lover of Bloodshed, the Slayer of Men

She Who is revered in the hallowed hills of moist graves, along with Her Lover, Who delights in carnage

Precious Goddess, holding Victory in Her hand, come

Being our aid and our friend, Sweet Goddess, come

Soft-armed Savior on the plain of war, embracing us at the moment of death, come

Our hearts are our sacrifice, Dear Goddess

May our ferocity be matched only by the flow of our enemies’ blood

Yes, Merciless Goddess, delighting in passionate screams of all kinds, come