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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 16 – Ares

Ares receives a lot of respect and devotion in my household.  In addition to my own personal devotion, Ares receives the devotion of my warrior spirits, the Waiting Ones.  They look to Him as their example, and their inspiration.  Part of my duty to them, is to facilitate their worship of Him.

For my spirits, I serve as a priestess of Ares– but only for them, in the rites specific to them.  Having me, their Queen, to serve in this capacity helps to solidify their bond with me, as well.  In helping them to reach their God, I become even more precious to them, which makes them more valuable to me in their fervency and instinct to protect.  It’s all very symbiotic.

As I serve Ares for them, I also learn much about the minds of soldiers, and how to make decisions concerning them.  These things do not come naturally to me, and I am so glad to have Ares’ assistance.  It isn’t just in the devotional aspect that He helps me to understand.  We talk at other times, as well.

Ares has an opinion about everything, let me tell you.  He is the king of unsolicited advice.  A lot of the time, He’s spot on in His analysis. Sometimes, it’s just annoying.  Of course, I always listen, because I respect Him, and I know He has my best interest in mind.  He is very wise, but I think much of the time His wisdom is underestimated.

It makes me glad to see more people honoring Him and appreciating Him, because He is an amazing God, and He deserves it all.  For all of the ways that He has shaped me, my family, and my Court, I am grateful.  For the strength that I’ve gained through my association with Him, I am grateful. For His advice, solicited or not, I am grateful.  For Ares, God of battle-lust and tactics, He who inspires courage, I am grateful.



Ending Family Detention

The following petition to the Gods was written for the working to end Family Detention, which is the imprisonment of immigrant mothers with young children, indefinitely, in private for-profit prison facilities in the United States, and elsewhere. There is a working scheduled to coincide with the Mysteries of Eleusis, beginning September 22, 2016. However, there will likely be another working scheduled for October. Anyone who wishes may use this petition in tandem with their own for either of the workings.

Thank you all for your interest or participation, and may we achieve our goals.


Demeter, Mother of Kore, She upon whose bosom rest the children, nourished by divine gifts of sustenance in grain and fruits. She whose love warms the land in spring, and whose lamentations chill the Earth in winter, can You hear the cries of the detained mothers?

The mothers who sought nothing but an escape from the perils of conflict and the threat of starvation? The mothers seeking a new life in a new land where they might provide their children with the great bounty that is Yours to bestow?

Demeter of the richness of Earth, the most loving of Mothers, can you hear the cries of the babies locked in cells without hope, without even sufficient clothes or diapers or the many other things which bring stability and happiness to young childhood? The babies and children who have nothing and no one but their mothers, who wished to provide them a better life? The babies and the children who are forced to witness the helplessness of their mothers in the face of inescapable abuse and neglect?

Do You hear them, O Lady? Do You hear the mothers’ cries for compassion and generosity, for charity and kindness, for understanding and benevolent aid? But most of all, Great Demeter, do You hear the mothers’ voices raised in anguish at the imprisonment of their innocent offspring?

Blessed Mother, we ask that You open Your arms to these who are defenseless, these who lack the favor of the people; those people who can make a difference to end the suffering of the detained mothers and their children. We ask that You offer them your succor, keeping them close in Your power, and alleviating their suffering. May these mothers and children receive Your nourishment, and Your Divine Compassion.

O Lady, please help these who are helpless in the face of bigotry and fear. For Yours is the power to feed bodies and souls, and in Your power will these children and their mothers receive all that is needed to free them from this inhumane and illegal imprisonment.

Beloved Kore, She who dwells in the boundless sun, making the flowers bloom, do not the babies and the little children deserve to feel the bright sun upon their skin, and to be free to run in the autumn wind? Like the flowers and green growing things that You command, the little children are less healthy without Your Mother’s power and nourishment. They wither, along with their mothers. They languish in cells without due process of law.

Gentle Kore, She of kind heart, please lend whatever power You can toward the release of these innocent babies and young children, along with their mothers who sought only the betterment of their lives, and their safety, in a place of opportunity.

Please listen the mothers’ cries of desperation for freedom, those mothers who would prefer death over the continued humiliation of watching their children grow up behind bars. And if they would seek to end their lives, please stay their hands, and help Your Blessed Mother, Great Demeter, to assure them of justice, and to enfold them in Her compassionate embrace.

O Kore, O Persephone, Queen of the realms of the dead, if it be within Your power, let not another detained mother or child enter into Your presence in desperation of freedom. Instead, by Your grace, let them walk free on Earth, greeted by the sun’s nourishing light.

Bloody Ares, He who despises rapists and abusers, do You also hear the mothers’ pleas for justice? Ares of the spear and the sword, Champion of the victims, we call upon You to defend the defenseless, and to subjugate the perpetrators under Your heel.

Let not a single abusive guard or official of these private prisons be allowed to abuse or to rape again. Let justice be done, and let every last one of the abusers be caught, tried, convicted, sentenced for a fitting amount of time in accordance with the law, and brought to the end they deserve.

Let them not escape with weak sentences, and let the judges be true to the law, and also to common sense. By Your power, Lord Ares, may the mothers and their children be vindicated, and avenged.

Gloried Athena, She who is the Great Strategist among the Gods, in Your infinite wisdom, please guide us in our endeavors to end this false imprisonment, this so-called family detention, once and for all.

May You keep our minds clear upon the goal, and may we be inventive of ways in which to gain the attention of the relevant authorities. For those in power must be made to see, and to understand the grave errors that their silence has sanctioned. They must be held to account for the needless suffering which occurs in their jurisdictions, and under their watch. The powerful are not innocent. Only the children are innocent, and by extension, their mothers.

Athena, strike down the lobbyists who grovel for the money to continue this barbaric and xenophobic practice. We beseech You to lift up the voices of the activists who bring attention to these disgraceful prisons, and to magnify their voices, so that many others will hear the call to put an end to the suffering of babies and young children.

By Your power, may all those who work for change be successful in their endeavors to sway their government representatives toward humanity and good conscience. Now and for all time, may there never again be indefinitely imprisoned upon our soil, in private for-profit facilities, another man, woman or child.

Praise the Gods, those who are great and powerful!

Hail Athena, the Wise!

Hail Ares, the Just!

Hail Kore, the Benevolent!

Hail Demeter, the Compassionate, and Mother of us all!

Prayer for Libation to Ares

Ares, Great Father of Warfare, Whose hands are bloodied and worn by the weight of many weapons, we of this place and time do offer these Libations to You, oh Piercer of Flesh, delighting in the many perils of battle.  You Who are not above the muck, and the countless stacks of bodies strewn across the fields; come now, Lord, and listen to us as we speak fondly of the role in which You so dutifully, and happily partake.

Ares, You have assisted us many times, if not within the bounds of proper battle, then Your aid has come in the struggle faced within by all who know and honor You, Dearest of Lovely Aphrodite.  Your Power, Your Manliness, compels even She Who is Love itself to take flight, and to bear arms in Love’s defense.

Ares, be favorable toward us, and send Your mighty Sons, Panic and Terror out to strike fear in our enemies, for our work honors You and the many Blessed Gods.  But, we humbly ask that You turn not Your Dread Face upon us who are devoted, and that You always move within the spirit of Arete,  Xenia and Kharis, as shall we.  We ask, Lord, that you find favor with us as we have found favor with You, and that when You walk beside us, that it is with the willingness to be bound in civilization.

Ares, of the depths of human emotion– Ares Who lives within the struggle of all living things, be pleased by this Libation, poured out to You in respect and reverence, so that You thirst not, knowing also that we do not spurn Your Power, but embrace and defend our strength by word and deed, when the offence requires.  We are not meek, nor do we shy from the challenges of life.  Instead, we acknowledge Your necessity, and celebrate You openly and with great fervor!

Hail Ares, Man Slayer!  Hail Ares, In Chains!


Reminder to any interested parties:  the actual Libation will be performed tomorrow.  You still have time to send in your own prayer, if you wish.


Update [ 04/04/14]:  The Libation to Ares was wonderfully successful, and I am looking forward to doing this for Apollon and Poseidon soon, also.  :)

Hymn to Areia

Soft-armed Areia, Who cradles us in the moment of our supreme ecstacy

Blessed Goddess, come

Sublime Areia, of rich ichor, dancer among the blades

Sweet, Golden Armored Goddess, come

She Who drives the grand chariot of swans, sounding like the awful horns of war

Illustrious Goddess, come

Areia, Friend of Ares, the Lover of Bloodshed, the Slayer of Men

She Who is revered in the hallowed hills of moist graves, along with Her Lover, Who delights in carnage

Precious Goddess, holding Victory in Her hand, come

Being our aid and our friend, Sweet Goddess, come

Soft-armed Savior on the plain of war, embracing us at the moment of death, come

Our hearts are our sacrifice, Dear Goddess

May our ferocity be matched only by the flow of our enemies’ blood

Yes, Merciless Goddess, delighting in passionate screams of all kinds, come