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Being Present

[All of what follows applies to me.  None of it applies to you or anybody else… unless it does.  I am aware that I am not the only prince(ess) of the realm.  We all have our duties, some of which may overlap with one another. This post is in answer to Teresa’s question of what work or responsibilities that have come to me from being a daughter of Zeus.]


Zeus, my Father, is a very busy God-King.  I see Him only about once a week for a formal meeting that serves two purposes.  First, it is for Him to assess my progress in All the Things, and second, for me to be present with Him.

Being present means watching Him, listening to Him, and learning from Him by example, usually as He attends to business in His office while sitting behind a desk.  I have a chair behind and to the side of Him, where I work on paying attention.  It’s not an easy thing for me to do.  My mind tends to wander and I end up looking (and feeling) bored.  I get scolded for that because no one is supposed to know what I’m thinking based on my facial or bodily expression.  Apparently, that’s a no-no.

After He is finished assessing my progress, which happens behind closed doors, He directs me to sit in that chair and not to speak.  He continues with His scheduled meetings, and after each has ended and Those He met with have gone, He quizzes me on the subject, and sometimes, if it is relevant to the discussion that has taken place, He will ask me to give a decision on the matter.

But the decision I give isn’t actually mine, but a decision based upon my (limited) knowledge of the matter at hand, and also based upon my knowledge of Zeus and His desires in the situation.  I suppose the best way to describe this training, is that I am learning to be Zeus’ witness, or representative.

Of course, being present for, or being a witness for Zeus implies that my training be put to the test without my Father’s direct supervision, at times. So far, I’ve not had to make any major decisions, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t gone touring realms under His jurisdiction, in His stead.

He schedules these tours for me, typically in the Summer (meaning it’s nearly time for my first tour of the year) when He just doesn’t have the time to make a trip Himself, and in one case, when He had another more pressing matter come up suddenly, which only He could attend to.  In that instance, like the above discussed training sessions, my job was to sit quietly and observe.

These observations include who is present, who is absent (which means I have to go into the situation knowing who is supposed to be, and who is not), how respectful and attentive They are, how ready They are to receive a representative, Their level of sincerity throughout my tour, and anything else I deem relevant or important.  I am allowed to take notes, and I do.

The reactions I’ve gotten from the various realms I have visited in this capacity have been mixed.  Since most were expecting me (due to the scheduling), most have been an absolute joy to work with.  A few others were neither impressed nor satisfied with my presence.  These are tricky situations, because while I may find Their reactions to be personally offensive, it is not about me or my offense.  Part of my reason for being there is to hear grievances brought before me, and if those grievances include a dig at myself, I must overlook it and pass it on to my Father, as is the case with all of them.

The Intercession I perform during the Winter months at Zeus’ request is a form of this Work, brought not to Other realms, but to my human community.  I find it much easier to deal with, because after receiving a rude Intercessory request, I can choose to ignore it.  I have no such luxury when dealing with subordinate (to Zeus) Powers.

Being present also means accepting gifts on Zeus’ behalf, and sometimes (though rarely) presiding over rituals in both an active and passive capacity. There is more that I do for my Father, though I will tackle those subjects in future posts in the continuance of this theme of the work and responsibilities of a princess.  I would love to hear from others whose work and responsibilities take them in similar directions.  In the mean time, I hope this post was at least interesting, and at best informative.

Hail always to Zeus, our Father and King!