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Truth Is the Catalyst

You know, I’m really starting to appreciate the dynamic between the three of us now.  I can’t really remain in the dark about anything, anymore.  Whatever is stagnant in my life is immediately brought to light, then set on fire. Whatever holds me back, is culled away.

Apollon and Loki are both very big on the truth.  The truth of things the way they are, as opposed to how I wanted them to be.  The truth of my heart, as opposed to what I’d once believed.  They detest the mincing of words, and the sugarcoating of them, too.  And neither do They engage in such pointless tactics.  Our Relationship begins and ends with the truth, while truth itself is the catalyst to our love.

However, there is also that sense of meticulousness that characterizes our negotiation process.  It is in this, the everyday tending of the Relationship, that we learn and experience the trust needed to help support it.  In some ways (and maybe this is because my Lady Aphrodite is such an important figure in my home) I’d liken our Relationship to a rose plant.  Always beautiful, always fragrant and alluring, but prickly, and is therefore in need of careful handling. For that matter, I’d even say that’s a fair way of describing each of us as individuals… but perhaps that’s a subject for another post.  <3

This year has been the experience of a lifetime, and it’s not even over yet.  I’m not usually this excited about so many major life changes happening in so short a time, but I can say now that all the anxiety I had at the start of this year has been transformed into a vision, and a goal.  And I’m throwing my whole self into it, from now until it is achieved, because if it weren’t for both of Them, I’d have never fully understood or embraced the calling.

I often can not believe how fortunate I am to have these two amazing gods in my life, both of Whom I’ve made important promises to.  I’ve promised to accept the abundance (sounds familiar, right?) of love They willingly share with me, and I promised not to hide behind fake smiles when I’m really hurting, or angry inside.  In short: love Them, and tell Them the truth.  Be open, and share my whole self with these gods Who once warred for my heart and soul. These gods Who, ultimately, made peace for my benefit, as well as Their own. For, you mustn’t think for a second that this isn’t a completely mutual arrangement.  Everybody involved is putting in the required time/effort to receive much desired returns.  It’s a win, win, win situation, to be sure, and it all started with the truth.