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Deipnon Prayer

The prayer I’ll be using for tonight’s Deipnon celebration.  Feel free to use yourself, or alter to suit your needs.  <3

Hekate, who carries the bright torch in the darkness, hear me, Your child, on this night that You will roam the lands, far-stretching!  I am born of a land far from the home of those who first honored You, O Dread One, but in my need, You found me those many years ago. And through Your guidance, was I revealed to the destiny that awaited!

Hekate, I give thanks to You, for the role You’ve played in my spiritual transition!  I give thanks also for Your blessings, which I have continually received since the days of my early youth!  Hekate, upon this night of the Dark Moon, I ask again for your blessings, and Your Divine protection, that the spirits, sinister and mischievous alike, will not bother we who dwell here, in this home!

[Place offering(s)]

May the spirits pass by these walls, and may they roll over this roof like Amphitrite’s waves!  May Your hounds find all apparitions who lurk here with malice in their hearts, driving them forth onto the next step of their journey! Hekate, may You pass with Your entourage in stillness and in peace, and may none of us within these walls draw Your ire, or Your attention, this sacred Deipnon night!

Hail Hekate!

Deipnon Purification Ritual (Dec. 29, 2016)

42 minutes of me praying silently for purification from Apollon, on behalf of myself and a few other individuals, while at the shrine. One candle is lit for each person. About halfway through I light some bay leaves in a rather spectacular fire.

Hail Paian! Hail Pythios! Hail Phoibos!

Happy Deipnon!

…Or, How Not to Become Overwhelmed by Circumstance…

Let my opening words be these:  There is a solution for everything.  Don’t panic.

This tale begins Wednesday evening, as I knelt before my hearth, praying to Hestia, the Most Gracious, that She continue to bestow Her gifts upon my household.  As I held the next candle that was to carry Her blessed flame in my hands, I had a small thought that perhaps this candle would prove to be a problem.  It looked fine.  No outward signs of damage.  Looks, however, are deceiving.

I awoke Thursday morning (the Deipnon), probably a bit more chipper than normal, and went about my day.  Having tended to the morning prayers at the hearth, I again looked at the flame burning in the fireplace, and wondered if I ought to switch the candles.  The flame was raging in a way that indicated a there might be an imperfection, but still I ignored it, having so much to do.  I went back upstairs.

When I eventually came down again, I was met with the shock of the year. My hearth flame had gone out.  But I didn’t panic.  I didn’t panic because there is a solution to everything… and because I couldn’t really feel bad about the loss.

I know I’d planned to keep the flame going for at least a year, and yes, I am a bit disappointed about not being able to meet my goal, with the November year-marker right around the corner.  However, there is a very significant part of me that welcomed the end of that particular flame, and here’s why.

That flame came from a grill lighter.  Yep.  That was all I had available during the time I sparked my hearthflame.  I had always wanted it to be a tad more special than that, though.  But I wouldn’t dare snuff my own hearthflame, on purpose, just because I wasn’t satisfied with its origin.

But now, with the flame having consigned itself to a slow, drowning, waxy death, I was finally free to spark the flame I had always wanted.  It all couldn’t have happened at a more perfect time.  I saw the flame had gone out at 11:30 am, and I was out on the back porch by noon, with a new candle, a bundle of bamboo skewers wrapped with crafting wire to keep them together, one of those plastic page magnifiers that you can find at nearly any convenience store, some prayers to lofty Apollon, casting light upon the world, and to Hestia, Who keeps the flames.

When the prayers were completed, I positioned the skewers in a sunny spot on the concrete, then held the magnifier until there was a fine point of sunlight directed onto the skewers.  After a couple of minutes to get the positioning just right, the skewers burst into flames.  I then took another unbound skewer, lit it, and with it, lit the candle.  After another brief prayer, I took the flame inside and put it into its permanent place in the hearth.

There it remains, even now, glowing with an Otherworldly light.  This is not the same light which emanated from the fire sparked by the lighter, last year.  My eyes can perceive a purity from its radiance that just was not present in the other flame.  For this, I am most grateful, for I now have a hearth worthy of containing the pure flame of Hestia, the pure flame sparked from the Sun.

So, my point, is that when I saw my hearthflame had disappeared, I could have panicked.  I could have sobbed.  I could have blamed myself (although, I am to blame for negligence).  I could have taken any number of self-defeatist actions, but I didn’t.  Logic told me that this was an opportunity, and I decided to listen to logic.

When things go awry, don’t sink into denial by rejecting the reality of your circumstance.  Really live it.  Take it in, and let your logical mind uncover the solution that is waiting just outside the grasp of your emotions.  We may always control our reactions to the situations which confront us.  Becoming upset, or hysterical, will not rectify any situation.  Panicking only makes things worse.  So, please, just remember that you are in control of you.

Illness Happens…

I’m layed up in bed, sick, on the Deipnon, while everyone else takes care of the housework.  I feel utterly useless, at the moment, but at least I get to lay in bed and lament being sick.  There are people who aren’t so lucky, people who still have to drag themselves from beneath warm, cozy comforters to attend to their worldly affairs.  None of that makes me feel any better, though.

I hate illness.  I hate it.  It ruins all my plans.  Yeah, I knew I was pushing it by spending so much time outside in the rain and cool weather.  I knew I’d end up here when I decided to continue an already taxing ritual schedule for well over a week into October.  I knew it all, yet could not stop myself from doing it. This is what you call burn out, ladies and gentlemen.  I’ve finally reached that point.

But, what does this mean for the rest of October, which is in fact an even holier month for me than September?  It means I’ll necessarily need to continue this impromptu break, before I (hopefully) start feeling better (soon).  Then, of course, I’ll need to get back to Work.  The gods will wait only so long, and there are a few things that have been burning holes in my thoughts, trying ever so hard to be released into the wild yonder.  I’ll spend this sick time mulling them over and preparing future posts.

In the meantime, here’s a little something I wrote for Hekate during the Deipnon a while back.  She seemed to like it then, and even though I don’t use it every Deipnon, I do dust it off every once in a while.  Enjoy.


Hekate! Bright Hekate! Torch-bearing Queen of the Crossroads! I entreat You, O Mistress Divine, that You may drive out the evil spirits lurking within, and around this, my Oikos! Cast out the defiling poison! Drive away the blot of wretched miasma, with the gnashing of the Hounds’ sharp fangs! O Gloried Goddess! Triple-formed Maiden! Accept this meal as an offering, and as thanks, for the lifting of these spiritual burdens! Accept this meal, prepared by my own hand, entreated with love and care! Accept this meal, and this libation, for they are the evidence of the gods’ bounty, offered back in awe and reverence, to You, Dear Hekate! Guide of Souls! Honored in Earth, Sea and Heaven!