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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 6 – Columbia

Columbia is a Goddess who is understood differently by those of us who honor Her. I don’t believe we all need the same understanding of the Gods, because They reveal Themselves differently to all of us.  My journey with Columbia began when I was a child, as so many of my Divine relationships did.

I recognized Her Divinity before all Others who would eventually enter my life, however, I had no context for my desire to honor Her.  She walked with me everywhere, in all of my endeavors.  I shared a part of myself with Her that I didn’t understand could be given to another. She was/is my first Goddess, and now that I am older, now that I have unlocked the secrets of my spiritual Ancestral history, I know why.

She manifests in this physical realm as, and answers to the name of, Columbia, Goddess of Freedom, Patroness of the United States.  In this aspect, She is young and bold and driven to right the wrongs of injustice done in Her name by those who recognized Her in these lands. But She was not brought here.  She was here already, waiting to be seen and loved by those who would be Hers.

Though She is young in this manifestation, Her soul is far older than Her form in this realm.  My understanding of Her includes an aspect that is honored among my dragon subjects, as the Champion of Freedom in our home realm.  She is our Divine Patroness, and through Her worship, we ensure Her favour and Her assistance in times of social strife.  In this aspect, She is called the White Dove, because that is the form She took to manifest to our Ancestors.

For Columbia, I am forever grateful.  Every day She teaches me that freedom must be fought for, that it can not be granted by the elites in power.  I am grateful for Her tenacity, and for Her drive to become better than She was in previous generations.  I am grateful for the White Dove, for the legacy that She left for my people, and for the responsibilities She has entrusted to me.  I am Queen of my people only because of Her, and I am humbled to have been chosen to continue Her work on their behalf.



Dragon Business

I have wanted to tackle this topic for some time now, but it really requires so much back story that I’ve found it immensely off putting. But, these things don’t write themselves, so I am going to make a serious attempt, while trying to go light on the back story, because of time and my attention span.

So, I am the rebirth of a dragon-child who lived a long time ago in another realm.  Almost all of my dragon Clan was annihilated after a sordid chain of events that I’m not even going to touch here.  Later, I was murdered by a jealous relative from the Other side of my Family. This is important for you to know because those are the reasons why I am who I am, and where I am, in this realm and time period.

The other things you should know are that the realm my Clan is from is one with a long history which includes multiple species that evolved from a common ancestor, two of which were and are the dominant two species in the realm.  These two related dragon species claimed about half of the realm’s land and resources each.  Let’s call them Species A, and Species B.

Species A are bipeds.  They have a fairly humanoid shape and developed advanced technology in their realm, including the manipulation of DNA.  Species B are what one would commonly think of when pondering dragons– large, serpentine, intelligent.  The cultures of these two species could not have been farther removed.  Species A were conquerors.  Species B preferred a wild existence.  Wherever they met, they clashed.

Eventually, Species A gained the technological edge in these skirmishes, and went on to enslave great numbers of Species B, using them as beasts of burden, or as weapons.

During their enslavement, some members of Species B were experimented upon, genetically, having many physical traits of Species A impressed upon them to make their servitude less cumbersome within the architectural structures of their oppressors.  Very few were altered, and bred for this purpose.

After some generations of this “house-slavery”, a revolution was sparked by a dragon named *Swvhrnn (pronounced Soo-ver-EEn), who was an unaltered slave.  Inspired by the spirit who would become the Patroness of my Clan and chief Goddess of the realm, the White Dove, Swvhrnn convinced a prominent “house-slave”, whose name is lost to history, to lead the other “house-slaves” in revolt, joining their brethren in the taking of the capitol city.  The leaders of Species A were murdered by the “house-slaves”, and at the instruction of the White Dove, the first Clans were formed.

The “house-slaves”, and many of the original non-altered revolutionaries became the first dragons of my Clan.  During the reformation, in order to prevent the total destruction of Species A’s culture, and thus a prolonged conflict, the White Dove decreed that the cleanest way to subjugate the remaining dissidents of Species A, was to install one Clan to rule over all the Clans of both Species.  As I’m sure you’ve guessed, the White Dove chose my Clan, and we’ve ruled the realm ever since, saving for the time period after our annihilation and before my rebirth.

And there’s the back story.  What I do for the Clan now is preserve the cultures of both Species A and B, as taught to me by the Ancestors, and by their living descendants.  I learn the history by listening and recording it by hand for future generations.  I also preside over the rituals for the White Dove, embodying Her when necessary.  In this realm, She has a manifestation who answers to the name Columbia (Columba – the White Dove), Goddess of Freedom– and so, I am called Columbine.

Because of my ancestral history, dragon and human, I can not abide slavery.  Neither can the White Dove/Columbia.  In every realm I visit, I spread Her ideals of civil liberty whenever I am afforded the opportunity.  Even in our own realm my people are not forced to swear fealty, but the Clans have come and done so of their own volition.  They desire to be united under the auspices of the White Dove, the Great Liberator.

In addition to those things already mentioned, my other chief concern is securing a living for my people.  That means brokering treaties and trade agreements between Clans, and between our realm and Other realms.  It means being a strong force politically, and remaining useful to my Father, Zeus, to whom I have sworn fealty.

Our Clan also had an important job to do concerning the wellbeing of Olympos, and eventually we will resume those duties.  But as of now, our focus must be on regaining strength, so that we may perform our duties properly, when the time comes.

Now, I realize that I haven’t been too terribly specific regarding my duties, but as I’m sure you can imagine, much of it involves private Clan secrets that I am not at liberty to divulge.  That I was given permission to share this much is extraordinary.

I also don’t know if other dragon Clans, from different realms, are in any way similar to my own, but frankly, that is irrelevant.  Nothing about me, what I do, what I was made for, or my Family, is very similar to anyone else’s experience.  And that is just fine.

*I realize that this spelling makes absolutely no sense using English letters, but the Storykeeper was very insistent on this spelling in English.  It is not my place to correct the Storykeeper.  I am sure he has his reasons.

What Kind of Queen Am I?

Someone recently communicated to me: “You’re not a queen because you say you’re married to Apollo and he isn’t a king.  You can’t be one anyway because nobody cares about you.”

Wow with the assumptions in those statement.  Number one, Apollon is not the King of Olympos, Zeus is.  Zeus is the High King, but all of the Olympians are Kings and Queens in Their own right.  So, Yes, Apollon is a King.  He is King of Hyperborea, for starters, along with several other realms.  You wouldn’t say Poseidon isn’t a King, or that Hades isn’t a King, would you?  Or maybe you would, and maybe I need to get out of the way because that’s sure to cause some friction.

Anyway, Yes, Apollon is a King, and I am a Queen.  But guess what?  I am not a Queen by virtue of my marriage to Apollon, sacred though it is.  I was born a Queen, because I am Sovereign.  I rule my Court and my Territories because they are mine.  My work with my spirits is my own work.  Apollon is here to support me if I need Him– just as I am for Him, but He has His own duties, and those duties often separate u/Us by time and distance.  w/We are two Sovereign persons in a married relationship because we, 1) are in love, and 2) o/Our Father arranged u/Us.

Yes.  My marriage to Apollon was arranged.  He certainly made it known that I was His desire, but it never would have happened if Zeus hadn’t not only consented, but wanted us paired together from the beginning, for His reasons. I am Zeus’ daughter before I am anything else.  My Territories are subordinate to Zeus and Hera, and only Them.  Apollon can’t tell me how to run my Court, and He doesn’t try.  Just like I don’t tell Him how to run His affairs.

Does this sound unusual?  It might be, but I doubt it.  Those of us who are born to Divine Families are often the product of generations worth of negotiations between Them and Other families.  In my case, an extinct clan of Dragons claims me as their Heiress, their Queen, their Divine Mother reborn. I am who I am.

Of course, that means I was a Queen already at the age of thirteen when I first began interacting with many of the spirits who make up my Court.  (Those who know me off the internet will remember the knives and dragons hanging on my wall as a teen.  Those were all inhabited by dragon spirits.  They will also recall *that* dragon dream I told everybody about.  Spooky-woo comes true, you guys.)  It means I was a Queen already when I was a Wiccan trying to navigate the Wiccan assumption (popular at the time) that only a woman of a certain age could be a Queen, because it was thought to be a purely biological process, leading to eventual Croning.

Thankfully, I never allowed that to deter me.  I even confessed to a so-called ‘bestfriend’ who acted like they sincerely cared, but when I told them I was a Queen after they prompted me to, the silence was deafening.  They might as well have just said “Yeah right,” and patted me on my daft little head. It was at that moment that I decided to say fuck it, and I started this blog, formerly called Queen Without A Court, because, even if I was ready to claim the title and the work, I was still in denial about having my own subjects.

And who are my subjects?  I used to say, mostly dead humans and dead dragons with a small number of nature and other spirits, and one Deity-level Being who shall remain nameless.  Now there is a considerably greater number of living dragons, so now my subjects are mostly dragons living in Other realms.  And that’s all I’m going to say about that.  My people desire tranquility and the freedom of making a living beyond all else, so while I do know where several of my Territories are, there will be no locations given (and no guarantee that I could even describe locations in any way you could interpret), so please do not ask.

So, in answer to the question, “What kind of Queen am I?”  I’m Columbine, a Dragon/spirit Queen who claims no authority over living humans or a/Anyone or anything outside of my very specific jurisdiction.  Anyone claiming that I’ve ever said otherwise is smoking something, and it’s not the good shit.

Until next time, friends.

What I’ve Been Up To…

I have a few candid pictures for all of my wonderful readers!  Not to mention some personal, UPG references.  :)

Okay, so for the last few weeks Apollon has been all over me about extending His space further into the house.  His main shrine, which He shares with Aphrodite, is in my living room, and is pretty big, but I don’t spend a whole lot of time in there on a day-to-day basis.  So, basically, He asked me to make ready a new space for Him, in the kitchen.  So, I did, and here are my results! I just thought I’d share, because doing this has made me so happy.  <3


This is a very special altar.  Every part of it holds meaning for me, from the number of legs on the little table (three legs– it is a tripod), to each individual object placed upon it.  It is a Working altar, and it is designed to cultivate certain Delphic concepts, to evoke in me that connection, for divination and other spiritual purposes.

This is the space wherein which all of my divination will take place, from now on, and indeed was where I conducted my first open session, which was posted to this blog.


In the above picture, you will first note the round stone sitting atop the pedestal dish (which is really a large candle holder).  It represents to me, the Omphalos of Delphi, upon which daily offerings were given, long ago.  I am called to pay homage to that tradition, in this small way.  When I pour oil over the stone, it flows over it and gathers neatly at the bottom of the dish.

Beside the Omphalos representation, is the dish of purified water which I keep filled to quench the thirst of those who have served Apollon in antiquity, who are represented here by the very small, stone cobra figurine that is being hugged slightly by the green snake (representing Apollon Himself).  I chose a cobra (specifically, the spitting variety) to represent the Pythias and the Priests, because they “spat” forth the word of the god, for all who would come to hear it.

Now, the snake, which I think is obviously representing Apollon, so I won’t go into to much detail here.  However, I bet you’re wondering what those pretty good sized clay, komodo dragon-looking figures (hand-moulded by me) are about, aren’t you?  Well, I’ll tell you!  :)

They are there to represent the two spirit Beings that were given into my care from Apollon, last year.  They are my dragons, and they have an important and prominent place upon Apollon’s new altar.  I shall paint the figures their proper colors when I can afford it, so they are a bit unfinished, but the Beings have settled into them, nicely.


I think the final items of note, are my Tarot Cards, which are kept wrapped in white cloth, behind the Omphalos representation, and the red pouch containing my Limyran Oracle tiles, hand painted by me.  There is also a candle snuffer back there, along with a small vial of bay leaf oil, and a branch of Mesquite wood (you can’t really see it) that I use as a delicious smelling incense. Burning Mesquite wood has such a wonderful aroma.

And, that’s it!  Our Lord Apollon receives much love from me in His new sacred space.  I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the pictures, and please do enjoy the rest of your day!  <3

Hail Apollon, Lord of Delphi, the All-seeing One, my Beloved!