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Memory is like the Ocean;

Whole, even when divided into Seas.

Consciousness is like the Sky,

Settled over all things.

Flesh and bone– like clay

Molded over these dry stones,

While blood is like the flow of magma under ground.

We are made in Earth’s image;

The blessed fruit of Great-Mother Gaea’s lineage.

1st image:  “Gaea’s Blessing”, by AndreaTM on DeviantArt.
2nd image:  Earth, found on Google.


Dwelling in the Deep (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 4 prompt – Earth/Cave, Wilderness, Reclusive Gods or Spirits

Divine Mother, O cave dwelling Gaea,
Wellspring of life, and the knowledge of its
Eternal dance, come and attend these rites of
Love and joy upon the face of the
Living Earth, for You have promised us Your
Immeasurable blessings, that we may
Never want for the produce of the
Green Earth that is Your body, and our home
In all the ways that matter.  Be with us
Now, Your children, who lay fragrant offerings
To appeal to Your love of beauty, and the reward of
Honest labor, which, by Your grace, brings us food to
Eat and the very gifts we return in glad payment of such
Delightful wealth.  Know that we are always
Eager to hear Your voice roll through the deep,
Enlivening us with Your splendor, full and
Powerful, leading, as we sway like tall grass in the wind.

Ge’s Seed: A Personal Meditation

I have descended into the raw cavern of Earth.  Pressed down deep, like a seed.  The entrance is covered over and there is cold, soft blackness all around.

I listen to the sound of trickling water, and am jarred by its iciness, licking my ankles.  I follow along with the spring, deeper and deeper into Earth.

Here, in this space between life and death, I touch sprawling roots already masterfully integrated.

And I feel the germination of seeds, like myself, dotting Earth with their living glory, as stars dot the Heavens with their own.

Here, waist deep in the stream, I touch, I smell, I taste the rotting bones of beast and man.  They will become Earth once more, freeing souls to descend, as I descend.

Water passes over my head, and I hear the Ancestors laughing, and scolding and praising.  I am replenished by their love, as Earth is replenished by Summer rains.

Ge moans a thunderous howl, and the cavern trembles.  In the shaking, Earth collapses, and I am trapped in its ruddy thickness.

Pressure builds, and my limbs are hot with struggle, my cries swallowed whole. The feeling of my Soul, crushed, is a familiar one.

I am trapped, and can hold neither desperation, nor despair.  I feel my ribs give way to churning Earth, while I expel the cry of agony, and the wail of defeat.

When I am empty and can struggle no more, euphoria bathes me, and light returns.  I am swept up in a rush of newness.

Fresh and green, spiraling upward, toward warmth seeping through the soil.  I leave the husk behind.

Earth surrounds me, nourishing through pores I had not known, and I stretch myself up, up, up.

Bursting through Earth, I feel the surface upon me, the Sunlight, the Wind, encouraging with fragrant voice.

I am reborn, hatched from the fertile shell of my human form.  My body tingles, turning Holy Light into sustenance.

Still I grow, thick and strong, bright and leafy, shuddering in Nature’s fullness. I am free, yet also bound deeply to Earth.