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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 9 – Eos

Few things fill me with more joy than watching the sun rise, on an otherwise plain morning.  To see the shadows slowly recede as darkness becomes twilight, then becomes dawn, is equally profound and rewarding for me.  You see, depression is a coiling snake, constantly winding and unwinding in my life.  It is a pattern that repeats itself roughly every three months, lasts for a month or two, then recedes again, like the darkness before dawn.

When in the midst of my depression, living every day becomes its own struggle, a struggle I repeat each morning as the sun rises.  Every day, I have to choose not to succumb to my depression.  A choice to get out of bed.  A choice to make breakfast.  A choice to clean the house.  A choice to work at my jewelry business, and so on.  With each dawn, I am given the choice to start anew, or languish in the failures of the previous day. I choose the new day.  I choose to accept the gift of Eos.

But it isn’t easy.  There are times when I choose to wallow in my depression.  But eventually, I’ll look at the light from that star in the heavens, and will be reminded that a new dawn isn’t promised to everyone.  Each one I see could be the last I see.  So I pick myself up, in all my pain, fear and frustration, and I stumble forward.

The thing about Eos is, She doesn’t have to do anything.  She doesn’t have to push me, or command me, or even speak a word.  Her vital presence in the world is enough to prompt me to betterment.  All I need do is look toward the east.

Each day, each new dawn, is a gift given by Eos, which I choose to accept, and to be responsible for.  And for Her gifts, and the cascade of blessings that Her gifts bestow, I am grateful.