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Lesson #1: Reclaiming Lost Power

If I had to choose one central theme in the stories and lives of those Lokeans whom I have the privilege of knowing (and reading), it would be that of the reclamation of their own power and personal authority, of seizing the reigns to the chariots of their lives.

I have read many stories of people, newly dedicated to the god, finding the strength and motivation to leave unhealthy and downright abusive situations, directly from their interactions with Loki.  The god I’ve come to know is a god dedicated to harmonious family life, as well as the safety of His folk.  He abhors domestic conflict, and when it threatens to extinguish the fires of love and understanding here in my own home, Loki is often the first to extend the olive branch, the first to offer a compromise, or a reconciliation.  And I love Him dearly, because His mere Presence is often enough to smooth over any strained situation.

It amazes me how Loki is so well suited to redirecting my husband’s foul moods into laughter and good cheer.  I think Loki’s influence here has actually been more beneficial to my husband than to me, directly.  Which really should not be a surprise.  When the hubs and I first met, I told him I was a witch studying under Loki.  His response was to show off the huge, flaming chaos symbol tattooed onto his shoulder, right before proclaiming his atheism.  Go figure.  He and Loki seemed destined to meet and interact at some point.

But getting back to the subject…  Having Loki here has truly been more of a blessing than a curse.  Certainly, it was hardest in the beginning to adjust to His necessary changes, and I fought against them tooth and nail.  But then, He isn’t called the Breaker of Worlds for nothing.

Loki literally destroyed my entire universe for a while there.  But, it was only through those shattered fragments of my former life, that I was able to finally see the terrible emptiness which I had been languishing in, and all the parts of myself that were no longer needed.  And now, after the storm has passed, I see that the resulting deluge has flushed away all which was stagnant, leaving only purity and health behind to host the seeds of change.

And that change, though incredibly frightening, was absolutely necessary.  I never could have claimed true happiness otherwise, because the old roles were far too constraining.  Now, I am free.  Free in a way that I wasn’t before He swooped in and touched my life.  Free in a way I didn’t even know I should be.  And that right there is my reclamation, my lost power… which had been lost to the burdens of service, with too little love.  Thanks to Loki, there exists now a proper balance in my Relationships, and I am grateful, therefore I honor Him.  :)

Hail Loki Laufeysson, with the Silvertongue!  The Most Cunning of Tricksters! The Fearless, and Relentless One!