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Gratitude Project 2017, Day 25 – Rhea


There are five gods who have permanent residence on my personal shrine, no matter what.  Rhea sits in the center of the shrine.  I have been developing my relationship with Her for quite a long time now, and She commands my utmost respect.  I look to Her as one of the finest examples of Queenship there ever was.

Over time, I have had the privilege to learn many subtleties from Mother Rhea– things that can only be observed.  It is through spending time with Her that I have seen how She handles Others.  And She handles Them, expertly.  One of Her duties that I’ve witnessed, is arbitration between two or more Divine parties.

They come to Her because She is thorough, concise, and never coats Her decisions in flowery words.  And although there are times when So some is less than thrilled about the outcome, I’ve never seen Anyone so much as pretend to argue with Her.  Maybe that’s just what happens when you’re almost Everyone’s Mother, or Grandmother.

Her’s is the strength coursing through the Olympians.  Each of Them, I believe, carry a facet of Her within, and when it is most visible, They are truly acting and existing within the sphere of Their power, comfortable and relaxed.  Rhea is very much the ease of power, wielded in confidence. She is the surety that comes with command. These are things that She governs, and Her governance makes possible the smooth handling of the Kosmic Order by the other Gods.

So truly, we all should be grateful for Rhea.  In Her own very subtle way, She makes sure we move through space and time without too much chaos, or too many collisions.

Hail Rhea, Mother of the Gods!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 24 – Tyche


Tyche is the Governess of good fortune.  She directs the fate of cities, and also of businesses and individuals.  In fact, I petition Her for the success of my own business.  And while I am not yet making very much from the endeavor, I am also not losing anything to it.  This is about as good a fortune that a new business owner can hope for, so I thank Tyche for Her aid.

Right now, though, my most immediate concern is the well-being of my children.  So I call upon Tyche to look favorably upon my little family, during the throes of this hurricane.

May I be granted clarity, to make the appropriate decisions, which will align with Her favor, should She indeed look favorably toward us.  And may I stay within Her good graces, so our fortune may not turn sour at an inopportune time– for we must wait out this storm, and it may be days before our lives return to their usual course.

Tyche has the power to ensure our safety, therefore I entreat Her to work Her will, that we might remain safe.  And in return, in addition to our offerings, may She know the true extent of our gratitude.


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 23 – Loki

Loki once caused a whole truckload of chaos between Apollon and I.  I won’t go into it, but those were some of the most stressful and difficult months of my life.  They were also some of the most eye-opening.

I will admit to not being a great fan of His methods in some instances, but I can not deny that He gets results.  He is also very charming and witty, which are attractive qualities in a Deity.  When I was much younger, and before I knew what my fate would be, I even entertained a deeper relationship with Loki.  He assisted me when I was in great need of His help.  However, He tends to act in spectacular fashion, and the speed and thoroughness of His remedy very quickly sent me into a fear spiral.

I wouldn’t, and in fact couldn’t, have anything to do with Him for many years afterward.  So, when He showed Himself again, refusing to leave, it was a massive issue.  But, He never did anything hurtful toward me. All He ever did was peel back the layers of deceit.  And there were layers there.  I owed Him for that, and over the next few years, I paid my debt.

Loki and I do not speak often anymore, though we are on good terms. There is still some friction with Him and Others in my life, so it is for the best that we stay at a comfortable distance.  But I will always consider Him a Friend, and He will always be appreciated here, and thought of fondly. And of course, He will forever have my gratitude for the many ways He helped me to see past what was presented to me as the whole truth.  His tactics might have been undesirable, but ultimately, I was after results, and He delivered.


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 22 – Poseidon

Hail Poseidon, Lord of the Sea, King who dwells in the depths and in the shallows!  Great God of crashing waves, hear this prayer!

You who command the calm winds, gently blowing, are also Lord over furious storms!  There is a storm brewing in the nearby sea, and it does threaten our city!

If it pleases You, dread Poseidon, do send Your waves and Your winds to break against the shores of Corpus Christi!  But, if we have pleased You before, O Lord, do not forget that some in this city are loyal to You, and have made sacrifices in Your name!

Poseidon, flood these streets if You must, but not before You have allowed the people to make preparations, and to evacuate!  Do tear trees and fences from the Earth in Your fury, but take no life from human or animal! We call out to you for mercy, O Lord of the Deep!  So please, be merciful!

Great will be our thanks to You, and sincere our continued sacrifices! Offerings will be made, incense will burn, and libations shall be poured in our reverence of You!  For we behold the might of the ocean, and its King!

But know also that if Your decision is not to grace the city with a hurricane or tropical storm, this decision will also be appreciated, and our gratitude will fill Your offerings in equal measure to our fear! Please, Poseidon, be merciful!

For You, we are grateful!  For the bounty You provide us, we are grateful! For the seas themselves, within which we work and play, we are grateful! And Lord, we are grateful for Your kindness, and Your mercy!  Please, show us Your mercy once again, and spare this city in all the ways that You will it to be spared!

Hail Poseidon, and thank You!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 21 – Mnemosyne

Okay, so, I’ve tried several different versions of this post for Mnemosyne, and each time I’ve gotten a couple paragraphs in and my emotions start getting the better of me.  I end up tearing up from thinking about the double edged role that memory plays in my life.

I’m just not sure I’m going to be able to complete this post as I’d envisioned it.  It’s too personal, too raw.  Even just touching upon this subject brings my PTSD to the surface, which was the point I was trying to make, but actually going into detail isn’t healthy for me, so that isn’t happening.

Memories can be beautiful, but they are also dangerous.  They can be used to manipulate, to induce certain feelings, or to build bridges of common understanding.  But a person can also sabotage themselves if they let their memories stream out of control.  That is what happened to me. All of these are the power of Mnemosyne.

I need to learn to better control my emotions.  Mnemosyne can help me with that, I think, by helping me learn how not to allow my memories to overrun me.  It’s so difficult.  So, I’m going to end this with an acknowledgement of my gratitude for Mnemosyne, for allowing me enough awareness of the dangers of my memories, that I could make the correct decision to alter this post accordingly.

Hail Mnemosyne!