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Forgiveness is a point of contention in many Pagan circles.  There are those of a hard line, who say that we are within our rights to cast judgement, which may result in vengeful action against those who would wrong us.  Some even say that when a person loses themselves to revenge, that it is the Universe casting ultimate judgement in their (the vengeful party) favor.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth, in my opinion.

We are such selfish creatures.  How could our desire to have (questionably) unsuitable situations rectified, be anything but selfish whims, made more volatile by our overreaching emotions?  We formulate our opinions based upon what we experience, and upon the experiences shared with us by our trusted friends, and in some instances, from hearsay or by reading incendiary materials about whatever subject (or person) that happens to be in our line of fire.  This is not healthy.  We need to let go of vengeance, because it does not belong to us.

When a person allows themselves to be carried along in life with hateful and/or vengeful thoughts striking out at everything that irritates us, we’ll soon find that there is nothing in existence that does not irritate.  We will always be surrounded, to some extent, by the things which we would prefer not to have contact with.  For myself, it is the pure, unhindered emotion of other people that I try to avoid.

Control over myself is paramount, and being near people with little to no control over their own thoughts is excruciating.  And that’s just me.  I can not imagine what it feels like to be that person who can not think past their own hurt, or embarrassment.  What a lonely existence it must be, because the people they may have loved or trusted, will eventually become sick of their behavior, and then what will be left?  Burnt bridges and broken friendships? None of that is necessary.

Our Gods will always keep the measure and the balance of what is just, and what is true, in this world.  Vengeance is Theirs, wholly and completely.  We need not bother our own piece of mind by carrying on in such dishonorable ways.  If you have a problem with someone, give it over to your Gods.  They will rectify the situation, if it does indeed need to be rectified.  Meddling in the affairs of the Gods will, at best, earn you a strong scolding, and at worst, afford you some very specific punishments.  I speak from experience here.

I have been hurt, harmed and damaged over the years by a variety of sources, both human and non-human, and yet, my Lord always tells me that vengeance is His.  He will defend my honor, and I need not worry about what is under His control.  And I do not worry.  Not anymore.

Now, I forgive, for it frees my thoughts of the wrongdoing.  I forgive, not so that my enemy may be forgiven, but so that I may move on in life.  I have much more important Things to do than to allow my focus to slip, even for the briefest of moments.


The Avoidance of Compassion is Cowardice

The avoidance of compassion is cowardice

Those who seek to plumb the depths of the Divine

Must have stronger spines than this

What do you seek with your heavy hand and cold heart?

That which the Gods do not yet know?

We have known the Heaviness

And the subsequent Emptiness

Cast the humans away, and they will go away

Seeking not the Gods of the merciless


You, the fearful ones

Fearing humanity

Fearing your animal nature

Fearing your faults

Fearing that which binds you all together

Forgive yourself, human

For being human

And forgive your brethren