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Wild Water (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 10 prompt – Seasonal or Elemental Gods or Spirits

[For Daphne.]

Wading and splashing, floating and swimming,
Ill-fated Daphne, knew not what would be;
Loving and laughing, leaping and running
Down the riverbank, she flew free;
Woe to that which the Moirai have spun,
An account of obsession called love;
Tis better to remember, so young and so tender, ‘fore
Eros struck with lead-tipped arrow, the naiad who was;
Resplendent and innocent, Apollon now sees– and He wants.

By the Still Water

By the still water

On the root nearest the circle

I watch the Triplets dance

Their whirling, winding dance

And now, the air is tense

By the still water

Under which the Naiads gaze

Into endless, starry Night

Do they also dream of Him?

Do they also want for Him?

By the still water

Waiting for us to come to Him

To pray and offer to Him

To dance and experience Ecstasy with Him

To give all and everything, and more to Him

By the still water

He approaches

But not softly

His spell, cast in moonbeams

And the glittering of stars, reflected

By the still water

He is endless, limitless

Without boundary or concern

Without constraints or human cares

But with love, always with love

By the still water

He is adored

While all the branches sway

Even while my limbs shiver

In the icy, breathtaking wind

By the still water


Blessed are we, under the care of Apollon Nymphagetes, in the instinctual frenzy that He induces. Blessed are we who recognize Him in the wild spaces, and in the untamed recesses of the soul.  Hail and Praise to the Prince, Apollon, Lord of the lovely Nymphs.

Poseidon’s In The Pond

It is very telling that even after moving away from my seaside home, that I end up living less than a block away from another body of water, albeit much smaller than the Bay I left.  Lord Poseidon has always loved His offerings, and I guess He wanted to make sure I’d still feel the connection enough to continue.  It is a lovely little pond, fed by a small creek, which eventually winds its way through the town and all of the adjoining public parks.  I’ve had the pleasure of walking along a good portion of the creek, and there is still much to be explored.

There are lots of animals here, too, which I always get a kick out of. Mostly fowl, such as ducks geese and cranes, but there are also plenty of fish and no shortage of turtles.

I’m not exactly sure what it is that Poseidon wants yet, in regards to an offering, so I’ll give Him some wine and ask Him if there is something specific He’s interested in. The naiads have been shy, so far. I can sense/feel them peeking at me when I go out onto the pier, but they have yet to speak to me. I’ll bring them some flowers the next time I’m there. It must be strange for them, for a human to be so interested. I doubt they’ve had much intentional human interaction, but who knows. I’m still in the introductory phase of establishing my place here, so maybe they’ll warm up to me eventually. But, maybe not. It’s their land/pond, after all, and they can tell me to go away.

That is one thing I’d like to clarify for anyone wondering, too. The Land spirits have the final say in all establishments of Territory. A person, Queen or not, does not just barge in on someone else’s home and declare themselves ruler over anything. You actually have to talk to the spirits, or communicate in some other way with them. You must ask permission first, before leaving any more than minor traces of your energy behind. That’s just common sense, not to mention proper hospitality.

Hospitality is very important, and shouldn’t just be relegated to human upon human interactions. If we are saying that we respect the life that already exists in a place before we arrive, then we’d better practice what we preach.

And now, I’ll leave you with some pictures of Poseidon’s pond. Enjoy!