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Over the November Horizon


“I give first place of honor in my prayer to her
who of the Gods first prophesied, the Earth; and next
to Themis, who succeeded to her mother’s place
of prophecy; so runs the legend; and in third
succession, given by free consent, not won by force,
another Titan daughter of Earth was seated here.
This was Phoebe. She gave it as birthday gift
to Phoebus, who is called still after Pheobe’s name.
And he, leaving the pond of Delos and the reef,
grounded his ship at the roadstead of Pallas, then
made his way to this land and a Parnassian home.
Deep in respect for his degree Hephaestus’ sons
conveyed him here, for these are builders of roads, and changed
the wilderness to a land that was no wilderness.
He came so, and the people highly honored him,
with Delphus, lord and helmsman of the country. Zeus
made his mind full with Godship and prophetic craft
and placed him, fourth in a line of seers, upon this throne.
So, Loxias is the spokesman of his father, Zeus.”

The Pythia  —  Eumenides


For it is right that first praise go to Those, in the line of succession, Who made it possible for the Will of the Gods to be translated into human tongues, thus do I, Columbine, daughter of Zeus, bow in succession to Them.

Gaea, Great-Grandmother; the hard, round Earth, Who opens Her Mouth and all things tremble in silence.  Now, to Themis, Who is Tradition and Law, do I speak. Next, to Phoebe, I call out in awe and appreciation for the gift of Her illuminating speech.

But, even These are not the Ones for whom I have come, this day.  My heart– my soul, ache to pay homage to those who were as close to our Lord as any mortal could be.  It is for the Blessed Pythias to receive what is theirs, if they will it.


To these do I give the first honors of the year, freshly dawned over the November horizon; the women of Apollon, who bore His heavy and burdensome Voice for all who dared to seek for Him, in the shadow of Mount Parnassos.


To them who gave up their lives and bodies to the God, I express my deepest thanks, for their knowledge flows deep and pure, like a whirlpool, awaiting only the many impatient seekers on His harrowed path.


So, receive what is yours, Dear Ones!  In the new light, of the New Year, I bask in the heat of His pride for you!  Your splendor and radiance pour forth into this world from beyond the Veil, presenting all with the opportunity to witness the result of His Masterful Touch!

Hail to you, Blessed Pythias, who are, above all things, His!  Even now, as the sublime newness of the year delights you with gifts of purpose, and vanity, also, for you are worthy of all which is desired of me, and my Sisters, whose time approaches!

Hail to you, and be welcome in my heart and home for as long as it pleases you to stay!  In this place and time, you are honored, respected and revered!  And I humbly ask you to take the many seats at this table, which were always meant for dragons, and gentle maids!


[All works of art belong to their respective artists/owners, which if you haven’t guessed, isn’t me.]

So Far, So Good

Well, this crazy year, all of eight days old, has so far lived up to every obscure prediction I had made regarding my life in 2012.  What could possibly be next?  I have a whole year to find out!  Yay!

You remember all the “things are about to change” stuff I posted several weeks back?  And the “Apollon has a plan” stuff, too?  I find it amazing that right after the ritual on New Year’s Eve (which was designed, in part, to help me find my way in the coming months), the major aspects of my life began to shift, so that they took on an entirely new shape.  And it is a shape I never would have guessed, or assumed for myself.

Opportunities are falling out of the sky right now.  I got a job, doing something that I really like, so far.  It’s great, because the financial prospects for my family were starting to get rather depressing.  I hope to be able to post something about it maybe in a few weeks, after I’ve had a little more experience.

Also, I’ve really been giving Apollon a lot of devotion lately, in the form of ritual dance.  He is so into it, and apparently, so am I.  I’ve incorporated my bow into the dance sessions, mainly because my goal to shoot every week hasn’t panned out, and it is quite a challenge to move gracefully, indoors, with a longbow.  But, challenges are good for me, and Apollon has handed me a few, lately.  But, I strive always to meet them.  I strive always to make Apollon proud, so he never regrets saving my life and making me his.  And yes, it feels so wonderful to honor the god with my weapon, even if I can’t find a space wherein to shoot.

I’ve also decided that, as a witch, one of my sacred arrows, which are of course dedicated to Apollon, makes the perfect wand.  This is good for me, as I have a habit of collecting wands I don’t need, just because they are pretty.  I always had such trouble deciding which one to actually use.  But the other day, out of frustration, I picked up an arrow, deciding not to stress out over unused tools that I thought I’d appreciate more than I actually did.  I figured it would do “for now” and was totally expecting to be on the lookout for another one.

Fortunately for me (and my budget), the arrow was just too perfect, and I’ve been using it ever since.  I think the Prince likes knowing that I reach for him (his imagery/symbols, and thus his Power) first when I am Working, no matter what the issue is.  I’m his, and it’s really starting to sink in.  I’ve known on an intellectual level that I belong to Apollon for a while, but now… things are different.  I can see his hand in all that concerns me.

It seems my Lord has permeated every aspect of my life now, even my marriage.  I’ve found that my human husband’s attitude has changed in amazing ways.  Even as a self-proclaimed ex-Atheist (he doesn’t really claim to be anything now, except that he’s not actively opposed to religion anymore), he’s been generally supportive of my religion, but he has never taken an active role in worship or ritual.  Since the start of this secular year, I can’t help but notice the small, Apollonian changes in his attitude and thought processes.  They are welcome changes, too.

Oh, I wish I could just tell you all everything!  But, if I did that now, I wouldn’t have any material for future posts!  So, I’ll leave you with this…

…for now.  <3

Hail Apollon!  Hail Artemis!