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The Princess Path

Disclaimer:  Though I use the terms Princess, Queen and priestess throughout this post, please do understand that I mean also Prince, King, Regent and priest. There is no gender bias here.  Look elsewhere for gender bias.  Thank you.

I have seen so many memes dissing Princesses recently that I just can not hold my tongue any longer.  My own distaste for these memes coupled with my Father’s epic eye-rolling encourages me to state this once and for all.

The Princess Path is a valid spiritual path!  I repeat.  The Princess Path is a valid spiritual path!

The path of the Princess is different than the Path of the Queen or priestess. They all share some similarities, but diverge in many important ways.  They may be walked in congruence with one another, or they may be walked separately,  and they all entail varying degrees of Sovereignty.  But no matter what they have in common or what they do not, it is a mistake to think that one is inherently more powerful/valuable than the others.

I am a Princess and a Queen.  The former is a title and office springing from my relationship with Zeus and is very much a role of support for the King. The wisest leaders often delegate responsibilities to those capable of handling them well, and this is no different than the King handing certain instructions to priestesses dedicated to Him.  In the case of someone like myself, who holds a Father/child relationship with the King, the title or office may be different, but the concept remains similar.  Another role that Princesses may fulfill is that of adviser, or rather, someone who’s motives in offering advise can be trusted.

Queens are a bit different, but not much so.  A Queen may be so because of her consortship with a Divine King, or she may be Sovereign in her own right. Queens often hold their own courts, but not always.  Likewise, a Princess may hold her own court on behalf of her Royal Parent, or she may simply live as a member of her Parent’s court.  None of these situations have any bearing on the amount or depth of the Work being done by the Princess, Queen or priestess.  You are not lesser for being who and what you are.

So, whatever it is that you do for your Royal Parent, whether it’s just listening and offering a perspective, or going out and hearing the people on Their behalf, or whatever, you are doing it right.  Don’t let the naysayers and people wanting to be clever on FB or wherever else tell you otherwise.  You are important as you are.  You are valued as you are.  You do not have to become a more “grown-up” version of yourself, or change the name of your path or office or position to satisfy the whims of people on the internet.

I will now end this short post with the words of my Father, Zeus, King of Olympos:

“Be you, Princess.  Be strong, Princess.  Hold your head high, and walk your path, Princess.”

A Will Not Her Own

Crown with pink pearls

The Queen acts not from the root of ego, for her will is not merely hers. Instead, she embodies the collective will of those Whom she serves.  Even the royal form is not her own, for it is made to house the power of the Crown.

A vessel, to be filled, and to be channeled through, she is.  Joining Heaven and Earth by the Holy Powers’ whim.  And if she would dare to flee, those same Holy Powers will bring her to her knees.

There is no choice; some must don the purple, or they must die.  But the Fates only know whether death comes quick, or from lingering time.  A Queen is a servant, above all else, and must serve to the fullest to preserve her good health.

Her health is the nation’s, whatever it may be, whether consisting of small spirits, or unknown Divinities.  Yes, a Court has been formed, and around her they sit, for although fear delayed her, she was never unfit.

They speak not of riches, or jewels found in the Earth.  Such trappings and adornments are not a Queen’s worth.  Judge her by deed, and accomplishments toiled, for these alone are the measure of royals.

And in its due time, the Court will expand, from its mysterious heart onto physical land.  By a will not her own, the Queen will press on, pouring praise and due deference out to the Gods.

Therefore, may the Holy Powers be wholly pleased, for she has accepted this Work and the joy it may bring.  But, there is also the hard seclusion of the Throne, for the royal authority is hers alone.

And there lay the truth, the one thing which is hers; all the many consequences of her words.  For, what is a Queen if not a mouthpiece and a clarion?  Who is she, if not her own subjects’ heroine?

This gift of loyalty must be loyally returned.  So, let hearts not waver, nor let love be spurned.  And, let it be known that the Queen has arrived, at last, to the place where the dragon dies.