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An Interesting Way to Become Acquainted with City Spirits

[Obviously, the above photo isn’t of my neighborhood, nor is it even my photograph, but it is one of my favorite places in all of the city.]

So, ever since I moved back to this city, I’ve kind of been stuck without transportation in a pretty rough neighborhood.  Like, most of the time it’s fine.  People don’t bother me, and I don’t bother them.  As long as the sun is out, the most dangerous thing I have to deal with is the occasional small pack of stray dogs wandering around looking for food, water, or shelter.  I try to leave out some water for them, at least whenever I can, but I’ve digressed.  The point is that the neighborhood is rough enough for me to not take a whole lot of time walking around, getting to know the environment first hand.

I’m not new to this city.  I’ve been here for a long time (despite short stints in other places), but just not on this side of town.  This area is a mystery in many ways.  I’ve gotten tapped by the local Land spirit, who seems interested in getting to know me (the feeling is mutual), but it’s hard to do that when you can’t reasonably expect to beat the pavement just to get a lay of the land.

It’s so important that it’s been eating at me, because I haven’t been able to do it.  While I said most of the time the neighborhood is safe enough in the daytime, I have a two year old that would have to come with me everywhere I go, and I just do not see it as being safe enough for that.  If it were just me, I’d probably do it.  But not with my son in tow.

So, now what?  Now what do I do?  How can I reasonably fulfill this directive from the Land, to get to know the land?  Well, there’s an unconventional way, if you’re willing to hear me out, and perhaps even try it.  It’s something I’ve been experimenting with, and so far it’s been quite helpful in helping me get used to the neighborhood, as well as its landmarks.  But it is only the first step.

To begin, open your internet browser and open up Google Maps.  Type in your address and switch to street view.  Now look.  You can see your street, turn 360 degrees, and go off in any direction you want, following the roads of course.  Depending on how recent the last Google drive by was, the area may or may not be completely current, but it should be enough to get you started.

Spend a few days using the Google street view to tour your neighborhood and surrounding areas.  If you have the time and the funds, you might also try riding the neighborhood buses around, as that is another good way to get your bearings without having to walk around.  I know there are lots of reasons why a person might not be able to walk their neighborhood regularly or at all.  Whatever your reasons, you should feel able to complete your spiritual obligations without doing anything that may likely do more harm than good.

So, after you’ve had sufficient time to become acquainted with the layout of the area, next comes the reaching out to the land.

This can happen in whatever ways you see fit, in accordance with your practice and spirits.  What I do, is pick a nice quiet night when everyone else in the house is asleep, and I sit silently, making offerings to the Land and accompanying spirits and inviting them to meet.  I then reach out to the land around me, and I follow it where it wants to lead, through visualization, made easier by my study of the maps, which is still ongoing.  I’d like to explore other areas of the city this way, as well.

Now, I should note here that I didn’t just jump right into following the spirit around on the first night.  The very first night is probably best for introductions.  It’s best to very gradually build up your rapport with the Land spirits, so I recommend trying this or something similar once a week for a few months, just gradually expanding your awareness as you and the Land become more familiar with one another.  Eventually, your relationship should develop as you all see fit.  Just keep communicating.  That is by far the best tool at your disposal.

Also, it’s such a simple way to solve this problem that I’d be really surprised if I were the first one to try this.  If you’ve already been doing this, or something similar with a different map site, I’d love to know how you found your results.  :)

There’s Something About 2012…

I know it’s not just me having these feelings, which in some cases feel an awful lot like major revelations/UPG.  In September of 2011, I started this blog as a way of coming to terms with the title and responsibilities that I’d been running from for years.  I had no guide, no role model, nothing to assist me on this journey.  All I had were my gods and my wits.  (Which is really all I have still. I’m also coming to find that that is truly all I need.)  I didn’t know where to start, but I knew I had to get started before 2012.

There was an urgent need.  A very urgent need to begin practicing what I’d been called upon to do.  Nevermind that I had no clue, and no experience. The need was there and the Land was calling.

As the months passed between September and January, connections grew deeper and more intimate between myself and several of the trees on my property, and even a few who are not.  The spirits of place started listening to my prayers, and attending the libations I poured for the Deathless Ones. The feeling of Presence, of having that Audience is so terrifyingly humbling that it makes my stomach hurt to think about what an honor and privilege I’ve been entrusted with.  And then I have to be aware that these privileges can (and likely will) be taken away if I am not faithful to the Vision.

So, I did the Work, and I felt what the Land feels, when the spirits were so inclined to share that part of themselves with me.  And I began to learn, and to apply that knowledge with startling proficiency.  Eventually, though, and to my dissatisfaction, the Work soon took on a new component.  One which I was not at all confident I was ready for.  That was around the time I began receiving my first inquiries about what it is, and what it means, to walk the Path of the Queen.

And this is where we reach the true subject of this post.  The Queens.  There are so many of us, that I dare wonder if finding one another, and assisting each other in study and practice, and generally being able to understand each other, are the most valuable benefits of having this community of individuals, who by design, are walking similar Paths.

This is a sacred trust, Queenship.  Those whom I have come to know, those like me, are just as profoundly affected by the implications of this necessary Work.  I don’t know what the future holds for us, really, but I do know that many of us will be attempting to serve our gods (and our Lands) more publicly and openly in years to come.  But don’t expect anything anytime soon.  This year is only the beginning, as I’ve come to believe there are many, many more of us, yet undiscovered.

I see the world changing before my eyes, and I see myself as a part of that change.  What other changes are being discovered?  What have you seen? What have you noticed about the nature of this particular year, and that of the coming years?