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Time’s Not a River

Time is not a river
It’s an ocean
A place so full and vast
That no shore can be seen
And on its waves
I sail in my little ship
Built from planks of love

Bobbing from the motion
Of Time untamed
Everywhere I look
I see Time
Flowing back onto itself
Twisting and churning my little ship
The ship we built together
In a Time so far gone
yet always near

Our ship of love
And pleasure

Floating on the Time it takes
For a single word to land
On distant shores

But remember
There is no shore
Only the ocean
of our Time together
Pulling us under
As the ship we built crashes
Upon the cresting waves
of our separateness

Forcing two into one
Forcing us whole
Forcing us to relive
All the Time that’s passed
The Time that always is
And never will be
A tranquil Time
On our ship

© 2017