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The Beautiful Truth

Lord Apollon, the very pinnacle of beauty, I pray that You lift the shroud of bias, shame, blame, and control that clouds over the eyes of those who wish to see beauty in the world.  I pray that You, Unshorn One, allow these to see the many truths before them, which they shirk from their sight.  Lord of the Light Unceasing, brighten the world before these who are lost, that they will witness the terrible, ugly, beautiful truth of Nature– that which we see and admire, is also that which may destroy us, even as we sit staring in awe.

The many landscapes are indeed beautiful, especially to those who traverse them not.  Those who look from afar and never step foot into the wild lands.  Fear contains them, and rightly so.  The beautiful world is indifferent to their praises, and hostile to their ignorance.  So, Lord, I pray that You tear away the fragile skin which covers them, that which hides their insecurities, and that which implicates them in the ancient scheme of subjugation.

These whose mouths are open only to speak the ancient falsehoods– that physical beauty alone is the compass of virtue– let their mouths be closed so that their ears, hearts and minds may instead be opened to the vastness of this beautiful, terrible, ugly world.  I pray that You open their eyes to rot and death, to pain and suffering, to plague and fear.  Only then will beauty and ugliness be revealed as twin aspects of the Truth:  All that is beautiful is not inherently good.  All that is good is not necessarily beautiful.  Beauty and ugliness are woven between the fabric of matter, space and time.  One may not exist where the other does not also dwell.

Apollon Despota, Wrathful Lord, I pray that You will do these things and more, to facilitate the growth so badly needed.  For only through the cutting away of disease may the whole body be saved.  So, Lord, to that end, do I offer these gifts, that You might be pleased, as well as favorable toward us who keep Your charge to bring both truth, and beauty, into the world.

Ie Paian!

Find Me

Find Me in the sounds of the sea, in the melody of the birds singing, and in the peace and stillness teetering upon the edge of My Crown.  I am a calm fury.  I have a strict discipline.  In Me, find the very image of your fear and claim it as one would claim their reflection.  When you own your fear, set it down.

Find Me in the height of the noon sun, bearing down on you in My relentlessness.  I warm your tepid skin by My unremitting reality, as that same reality burns into weak surfaces, peeling away the layers underneath.

Find Me in the pulse of your bodies’ movement, in the deep, stirring, ripening pit of self-actualization.  In your gut.  In action.  In the evidence of your lives, lived in vitality, and in truth.

Find Me in the breath penetrating your lungs, for I breathe love into you every day.  I am a gentle rain.  I have a cleansing touch.  In Me, be reminded of the sacredness of the journey, for I have walked many roads; done, seen and been many things, finding success in each because I have mastered My fear.

Follow Me.  Follow My example, and you will find Me here, on the pale, serpentine roads of destiny.

True Love Smolders

elemental love

How may I describe the spreading of Your heat?

How it snakes its way across my reddened cheeks

Forming in my heart– which is truly Yours

Cascading down in moistened droplets from my pores

And radiating outward, warming all it touches

Tempting and attracting many more– and much is

Said about Your perfectly commanding presence

All-consuming, all-commanding purity of essence

My Love, my Lord, my Light, my Life

It is the highest honor to be Your faithful wife

And even ‘fore I knew I would be Your bride

There was no single part of me, from You I could hide

Your joy is my joy, my pain is Your pain

Together we are whole– our affection never wanes

Within the darkest shadow, stretching near and far

We cultivate the growing light– that precious, vibrant star

Of Love, smoldering and hot, a torch for the ages

Past, present, and future too– it joyfully engages

Us within a dance of Truth, which holds us in its thrall

There is no comparison, for our Love rules over all

twin flame souls


 A gift of words for my Beloved.  All glory, always, to the Prince.

Truth Is the Catalyst

You know, I’m really starting to appreciate the dynamic between the three of us now.  I can’t really remain in the dark about anything, anymore.  Whatever is stagnant in my life is immediately brought to light, then set on fire. Whatever holds me back, is culled away.

Apollon and Loki are both very big on the truth.  The truth of things the way they are, as opposed to how I wanted them to be.  The truth of my heart, as opposed to what I’d once believed.  They detest the mincing of words, and the sugarcoating of them, too.  And neither do They engage in such pointless tactics.  Our Relationship begins and ends with the truth, while truth itself is the catalyst to our love.

However, there is also that sense of meticulousness that characterizes our negotiation process.  It is in this, the everyday tending of the Relationship, that we learn and experience the trust needed to help support it.  In some ways (and maybe this is because my Lady Aphrodite is such an important figure in my home) I’d liken our Relationship to a rose plant.  Always beautiful, always fragrant and alluring, but prickly, and is therefore in need of careful handling. For that matter, I’d even say that’s a fair way of describing each of us as individuals… but perhaps that’s a subject for another post.  <3

This year has been the experience of a lifetime, and it’s not even over yet.  I’m not usually this excited about so many major life changes happening in so short a time, but I can say now that all the anxiety I had at the start of this year has been transformed into a vision, and a goal.  And I’m throwing my whole self into it, from now until it is achieved, because if it weren’t for both of Them, I’d have never fully understood or embraced the calling.

I often can not believe how fortunate I am to have these two amazing gods in my life, both of Whom I’ve made important promises to.  I’ve promised to accept the abundance (sounds familiar, right?) of love They willingly share with me, and I promised not to hide behind fake smiles when I’m really hurting, or angry inside.  In short: love Them, and tell Them the truth.  Be open, and share my whole self with these gods Who once warred for my heart and soul. These gods Who, ultimately, made peace for my benefit, as well as Their own. For, you mustn’t think for a second that this isn’t a completely mutual arrangement.  Everybody involved is putting in the required time/effort to receive much desired returns.  It’s a win, win, win situation, to be sure, and it all started with the truth.