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The Rage of Demeter

© Columbine 2017

O child, sweet child, where have you gone?  Who has taken my Daughter from me?  This pain in my bosom has left me forlorn!  My eyes search, but they do not see!

IIIIEEEE!  I howl into darkness!  Into light!  Fierce, in the faces of All who deny the great Kosmic injustice done in their sight!

Where are you, O child?  Who has snatched you away?  Dare they come face me, to the Moirai, I pray!  And over these lands, these streams, fallow grounds– I will traverse until you are found!

Blessed Daughter, fear not!  This Earth, it shall suffer!  There is no reprieve from unending winter!  My tears, they fall, but cold are they now!  Such icy despair, causing death all around!

And lo, Great Helios, sun in the sky, has shown me the truth of your perilous plight!  To Zeus do I wail now– to burden, to shame– for trading your life for political aims!

Zeus!  Hear me!  I know the plan you have hidden from view!  I demand her return, now, from that one so uncouth!  Brother I did call him before, but never again!  On my life, it is sworn!

Wise you may be, and strong, and feared, but a Mother fears nothing above her own Daughter’s tears!  My child, my Kore, how she must weep in the dark Underworld, kept at vile Hades’ feet!

I will hear no more!  I will not be swayed!  You will have her sent here without delay!  And, to be clear, should your messenger fail, there will be consequence; naught shall survive this absence of my providence!

Reason!  O reason!  Seen by one I despised!  Zeus, perhaps I was harsh in my treatment!  Now, as the Swift One delivers my prize, I at last see through my stony bereavement!  Soon, my Kore returns to the land!  Then all shall be well, and warm again!

O child, sweet child!  Come here to my arms!  What’s this?  You say you have not been wronged?  How can this be, sweet Daughter of mine?  You willingly let yourself be entwined?

You have eaten the fruit of marriage, you say?  And can not deny the part you have played?  To bind yourself to the realm of the dead, you partook of the ritual and are glad to be wed?

Choice, you do call it, but rape is the word!  You were stolen out right!  No explanation was heard!  Your Father, and Uncle, they schemed and forthwith, you were drawn into Earth through a cavernous rift!

I will not stand for this outcome!  You know not your mind!  Child, denounce complicity in this crime!  State it now that under duress you were forced to comply with your captor’s requests!

Please, Zeus, you must intervene, and stop our Daughter becoming His Queen!  Yes, I know you arranged it, but surely you’ll find that pity upon me is called for this time!

Wait!  How many seeds did she eat?  If not the whole fruit perhaps we may entreat Hades, our Brother, to do the right thing, and allow my dear Kore to return in the spring!

Three seeds from the fruit of the pomegranate?  This is grave news, indeed, yet I’ll no longer panic!  For the months of winter she will go to her throne, and the rest of the year, will return to her home!

O child!  Sweet child, remember your Mother!  I will pine for your loss through all of my days!  And know in your heart that there be no other, whose love for you will never decay!

© Columbine 2017

Farseeing (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 9 prompt – Mantic, Oracular, Divinatory Gods or Spirits

Fathomable time coils ’round Your
All-seeing eyes, O King, seated at the zenith of the Universe.
Rest You now, upon Your radiant throne, as
Scenes of all yet to come pass through Your awareness,
Ever steering Your hand, in the affair of ruling both the
Earthly world, and those of the Divine.  Zeus, whose
Insight is unparalleled, You do we lean upon,
Never doubting what futures You reveal on the horizon,
Guiding us in our works, our hearts, and in our very lives.

My Father’s House (Devotional Acrostic Challenge)

Week 3 prompt – Bright, Ouranic, Heaven/Sky Gods or Spirits

[A recounting of astral visits to Olympos, and some of what’s expected there.]

Morning comes in waves of sunlight, stirring me, as I
Yearn, even now, for the quiet solace of sleep.  But I am here,
Forever bound to the forms and protocols of Olympos,
And our Mountain home is not a place for
Tempting the will of our Great Father.  Zeus is King of All,
Here and there, and the realms must be paid their due, in all
Earnestness.  So, I am escorted to the temple, where the sky
Receives us all, open to the elements.  In this place, our Father
Shares His wisdom, and His many realms are acknowledged,
Honored, and administered to, before supplication begins.  Many
Of the House of Zeus, His mortal children living among the Gods
Understand that we must learn the truth of a ruler’s duty,
So we may one day administer to our own people with such
Ease and grace as our Father, who loves and protects us all.

Gratitude Project 2017, Day 10 – Zeus 2.0

Because, while I know my Father enjoys my humour, I also know He had something entirely different in mind.  And though He said a formal prayer wasn’t necessary, I think writing one may make up for my extreme cheekiness.  Sort if my preemptive apology.  D:

Wise Zeus, who is our glorious King!  He who is the most revered example of strength and beauty!  He who knows the fate of mankind! Our Father, who sits upon the High Throne, we are at all times thrilled to be in Your sight, and upon Your mind!

Generously, have You taken us into Your care, and kindly, have You listened to us, with our human frivolities and many shortcomings. Though we strive to be honorable in our intent, we may yet not see the ways in which we have wronged you.  If offense has been caused, Wise King, please be swift in Your answer, so that we may right the wrongs done, and improve in our reverence of You.

Great Zeus, who rules in stability upon Olympos, quiet our minds so that we may hear You.  Let not even our intent stand in the way of true understanding, for we are flawed, and humbly do we apologize.

You have been so tolerant of us, as the wisest Kings are.  For this, may we always stand attentive to Your desires, and to Your commands.

Here do we stand, in awe of You, grateful in the utmost for Your love, for it is not guaranteed, and we are but few in need if Your grace and guidance.

So we thank You, Wise King, and we hail You, the Most Deserving One, who shall receive our love and devotion, unbroken, throughout the days of our lives!

Thank You, Blessed Zeus, our Father and King!


Gratitude Project 2017, Day 10 – Zeus

So far, how this has worked is that sometime in the morning or afternoon, Someone will come forward with a smile or a few words, and I’ll know that They would like to be featured that day in the Gratitude Project.  Well, today it was crickets.  I could sense some People hanging back, lurking, maybe waiting for tomorrow or subsequent days, but They sure didn’t express any interest in today.  I didn’t sweat it too much, though, since I’ve been busy today.  I figured eventually Somebody would let me know that today is for Them.

Well, eventually came and went.  I got my errands taken care of and my housework done.  Still no takers for the project.  Then, I started toying with the idea of doing another post for Apollon (although project rules say no repeats), simply because I can talk about Him all day. Well! Guess who showed up, looking all miffed and (mockingly) dejected? My dear Father, Zeus.

Me: !!

Zeus:  Is it such a shock to see Me?

Me:  Well, yeah.  You’re so busy.  I’m so glad You’re here!

Zeus:  *chuckles*  I should drop by more often, then.  Just to look in on you.  You know, to make sure My Son still treats you right.

Me:  …….  Please don’t.

Zeus:  What?  I can’t take care of My little girl?

Me:  That never goes over well.  You know that.  And nobody, including me, wants their Father poking His nose in their relationship.  You’ve done enough, thanks.

Zeus:  *dramatic*  Oh, you wound Me, daughter.

Me:  *eye roll*  Father, why are You here?

Zeus:  *sighs*  I’ve been watching this project you’re doing.  I like it.  I think it’s a grand idea.  *hesitates*  And, I noticed you hadn’t made any difinitive plans for when it would be My turn….

Me:  You’re serious?  You were eavesdropping in my head, and showed up here because You–

Zeus:  Don’t say it.  It sounds so unkingly….

Me:  *changes subject*  Well, of course I’ll write about You, Father. What would You like me to say?  Anything in particular You want shared?

Zeus:  Well, you know… how great I am, how much you love Me, a few mentions of the amazing things I’ve done for you, lovely daughter.

Me:  So, a prayer.

Zeus:  There’s no need for such formality.  Anything you want.  Just make Me look good.  *big grin*

Me:  *tries to hide mischief*  I know exactly what to do.  But You can’t get mad.

Zeus:  Oh, child.  Never.  Always remember that I love you.

Me:  I know.  And I love You.

Zeus:  You can visit Me, too, you know.  If I’m busy.

Me:  Yes, Father.  I will.  I promise.

So, this is me, being grateful for surprise visits from Zeus, who tries to play it cool and act like He isn’t disappointed at not being first on my project list.  Omgs….  Fathers are hilarious.  But He is no doubt the greatest, and the sweetest, and the most amazing Father in the Universe.  :)

He’s also going to be back later, when He sees that I’ve transcribed our entire conversation for humorous project purposes.  He did say anything I wanted.  *laughs*